Apr 11

5 Field Property Investment

propertyThe purpose is to secure investing their money or wealth to them and can be resold at a specified period with a great advantage . other than that there are many people who buy property to manage their money . indeed investment property is the smartest way to play or manage your money while young So try to invest in
property field to enjoy the results in the old days .
Among other reasons is the number of people growing up today , it means , the land will become increasingly narrow relative , because basically fixed land area ( fixed supply ) , while demand continues to rise .
Well according to the laws of economics , if supply is fixed and demand continues to rise , then the price will go up . This means that as long as demand for land or property goes up, the price will still go up . Well , what kind of property worthy investment fields , consider the following :

Field 1 : Residential

Investing in residential property means you buy a house , apartment , or condominium . The cost of investing in this type of property is cheap compared to most other properties . After purchase , you can sum up the tenant or resell it .
You can perform a variety revamp the property before you buy it leased or marketed . Creativity in determining remodel rental rates or the price of your property .

Field 2 : Commercial Office Buildings

Investing in this kind of property needs substantial funds . Because an office must have some supporting facilities , not just an ordinary house building . Need some overhaul if a house will be used as the office , but from the beginning you buy or build a special building for office .
Tenant office building like this is usually a small company that is still in the developing stage or small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ) . The exact location for this office building is located in a crowded area and not too far from the city center .

Field 3 : Industrial Property

Are included in the property in the industrial park include warehousing area for example , car park or a building with special uses . If you buy a property like this should be leased for long periods of time , because profits would be higher than you sell it .
Because the rental property such as this has the additional expense of the tenant because the room is used for business so many more benefits you can . In addition , you can store drinks self-service machines for coins wear extra income .

Field 4 : Shopping

This property includes many kinds of shops , ranging from a small shop in a house , shop and even to a large mall . Typically , if you have one of these properties to rent , part of the profits from the tenants also be our right , in accordance with the respective agreements . Additional funds from the tenant ‘s profits are usually played back for the care and renovation of the property .

Field 5 : Multipurpose Building

Multi-use building is a combination of some of the above categories are gathered under one roof . For example , if you have enough money to buy a small house , or maybe some of the money can be obtained from the bank . In order payments are not too heavy , you can ask the bank to open stores on the bottom floor , while the other floor you can find a tenant .
Banks that lent you the money will return the sum to you in the form of rent , so that the repayment is not too heavy . Continue to find the right tenant for the empty floor , preferably with a diversified business types so it can attract more visitors .