Jan 13

Chiltern, classical-style Luxury Residence in the central area of Sillicon Valley

The Silicon Valley area was made famous in recent times because that’s where the origin of the giant technology companies like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google and Facebook. Silicon Valley is not the official name of a region, this name is the nickname the area south of San Francisco, California, USA. For lovers of technology visiting or even staying in this region is a dream. As befits an industrial area, Silicon Valley is the area of dense population.Chiltern gate entrance estate

Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California3Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California1 Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California4

Shifted slightly, still in the coastal areas of San Francisco, there is an area that is quite a contrast as it offers an aura of the past centuries a place to stay, comfortable and peaceful that is Hillsborough. Since the first Hillsborough has been known as one of the most expensive areas in the United States. “Independent Cities” has a population of around 10000 people. One of the places that became the center of attention in this area is the Chiltern Hills. With an area of about 11,000 sq m and building area of approximately 25,000 sq m, the fair only when Chiltern is included in one of the largest private residences in the territory of the West coast of America.Chiltern building Hillsborough California 4Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California 2

The aroma of the Elizabethan home of the past like as if to say hello when entering the gate and see the exterior of the gothic-flavoured with a variety of ancient artefacts nuanced rock engravings made from limestone and dolomite rock fossils. It was new but built on two decades ago, i.e. in 1992.

The stylish front Main room 17th century Jacobean-style panels are marked with an altitude of 13 meters. Antique impression is strengthened with a display of ancient decoration on the interior. While on wall hangings, there were more than 250 fruits stained glass adorning the House, which dates from the 13th century.Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California 3

For the size of this area of the home, the pleasures of indoor relief were really kept up with the amount of space to sleep only 5 pieces and a 6. One of them is the main bedroom for the leader of the family. In addition, there are the sumptuous bedrooms, there is also a dressing room for two, a seating area and work space. The Interior of a room decorated with a black granite rock, onyx Persian green fossil stone and. While in the other room decorated with marble stone, granite, onyx and semi-precious stones such as rock and fossil rock junk was 350 million years.

By the time winter arrives, need not fear the cold due to the basking in the super luxury House has 4 fireplaces surrounded with beautiful carvings made from the 17th century. On the 3rd floor, greeting comes directly from the bronze doors with a bandage that is open to the room, a private art gallery and terraces carved into the landscape overlooking the bay.Chiltern Interior Design Building Hillsborough California 3

In addition to looking for beaches, shades of green are also noteworthy. Still in the area of the Chiltern Hills, the endless vastness of land consisting of a garden that was already 60 years old, which consists of 50 types of fruit, a variety of rose gardens. The English Garden (a typical garden United Kingdom with colorful flower is very beautiful with the seats among them), the garden maze, greenhouse and Koi fish ponds, waterfalls, fountains, gazebos, 7.5 metres high stone walls.garden1

Although nuanced vintage, Chiltern is also equipped with advanced technology primarily for safety and comfort. Automated systems, including for security, lighting, heating, air conditioning with controls for the computer, access control and intercom. Not to mention the media room which is equipped with THX sound system standard cinema. In addition, there are also other supporting facilities such as indoor swimming pool, outdoor & racquetball and tennis, a gym, whirlpool and kitchen professional with a personal chef.Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California2

Chiltern is a mansion with the concepts of balance, that offers tranquility and comfort of the modern industrial city bustle. An ambitious project, with all this is Chiltern superiorly picture the magnificent residence of an elite United States region.