Jan 14

Pasona, Modern Office Building at a Time of Agricultural Land in Japan

Pasona1 Create farming systems in major Japanese cities are almost impossible, given the limited space. However, this limitation is not a hindrance to making urban agriculture. An extraordinary concept of urban agriculture emerged in Japan. Not only the exterior of the building are greened, in the building there are also agricultural land can actually produce fruit and vegetables.Pasona2Pasona3

In the midst of busy financial district office buildings in Tokyo are called Pasona, a multi-national recruitment firm. When the company needed a new office, they hired renowned Japan architect Yoshimi Kono to help renovate, building 9 floors and adorned with ‘fertility’ and green walls.Pasona4Pasona5

Not just limited to the exterior of the building, greening was also carried out in the building. There is an urban agriculture facility which occupies about 20% of all office space covers 200 types of fruits, vegetables and rice. Office workers in turn help maintain and harvest the crops. Most agricultural products will be presented at the office canteen.Pasona6Pasona7

Using the hydroponics farming system, plant and office employees are sharing the room. For example, tomato plants that depend on the conference table, a tree that is used as a meeting space for the partition, salad leaves that grow in the seminar room and bean sprouts that grow under the bench. The main lobby is also equipped with rice and broccoli land. The plant is equipped with HEFL, fluorescent lamps and LED and an automatic irrigation system.Pasona8

An air humidity sophisticated technology capable of controlling climate, temperature and wind to balance human comfort during working hours and to optimize plant growth after business hours. The technology used is able to maximize results. All the plants are maintained and harvested by the employees who are assisted by agricultural experts.Pasona9

The Pasona urban farming system not only displays the beauty and visual aesthetics. Pasona is an extraordinary concept of how to create a comfortable work environment for increased productivity and mental health of employees who work in this place. Besides the existence of Pasona can be a means to establish social interaction that involves the wider community by showing the benefits of urban agriculture and technology.