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Jan 14

Pasona, Modern Office Building at a Time of Agricultural Land in Japan


Create farming systems in major Japanese cities are almost impossible, given the limited space. However, this limitation is not a hindrance to making urban agriculture. An extraordinary concept of urban agriculture emerged in Japan. Not only the exterior of the building are greened, in the building there are also agricultural land can actually produce fruit …

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Jan 13

Chiltern, classical-style Luxury Residence in the central area of Sillicon Valley

Chiltern architecture Hillsborough California3

The Silicon Valley area was made famous in recent times because that’s where the origin of the giant technology companies like Apple, Hewlett Packard, Google and Facebook. Silicon Valley is not the official name of a region, this name is the nickname the area south of San Francisco, California, USA. For lovers of technology visiting …

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Oct 12

Design And The Best Model Minimalist Fence Houses

minimalist fence house1

Minimalist fence house model , people’s needs will be home in a lot of places of interest has been spent and because that’s the minimalist House whose name appears. Houses with the small type and certainly only a little land-consuming anyway. However, the House is enough to be occupied by a family. The idea of …

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Oct 10

Natural Impression On The Minimalist Home Fence From Wood

minimalist fence house2

More recently the concept of minimalist House is indeed booming in the community, especially in the capital. The limitations of the land would have been be the main reason why this design was selected. As we know, this is one house design emphasis on the efficient spatial. With a land area that is not how, …

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Oct 06

The Importance Of The Minimalist House Fence For Your Home

minimalist fence house5

For the moment this is indeed home design from time to time keep changing, it is certainly not going away from the ever-growing population, despite the more and also so that technology advances mindset gradually will influence the trend of the House itself. The House is one of the fundamental things that must be owned …

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