Category: Apartment Design and Improvement

Sep 02

The Role Of Sliding Doors In Your Home


Introduction Sliding Wardrobe Doors are becoming increasingly popular today. This is probably because they are very easy to install and doesn’t take too much space when opening. They also come in varieties of designs. If you are trying to find the perfect sliding doors for your wardrobe, you must first realize that there are three …

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Sep 02

The Modern Urban Design Home

minimalist home

House with modern urban design is currently a trend among the public. Especially in the big cities who tend to land prices have bounced up and expensive. These limitations result in the developers need to think extra hard if you want to make the home livable can be categorized. Home of the urban design could …

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Sep 01

The Dominance Of Brown Color In The Living Room

brown room

Brown is one of neutral colors natural has spawned an atmosphere of fun and give the impression of warmth that is perfect when used for designing living room that created the atmosphere that made the family members are getting closer. If you are interested in applying to Brown in color, you can apply it to …

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Aug 29

Chocolate For A Minimalist Design In The Living Room

brown for room

Minimalist style you can make the idea to create the impression of comfort in the living room. Feel the warmth through the main Brown hues can also make the residents become familiar. Yes, you can try using a combination of Brown and white. Wrap a brown color as the primary color is dominant. Apply the …

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Aug 13

Security System: The Need Of The Hour

secuirty system home

A few decades ago a security system installed at home was a fairly rare sight. It was uncommon to see in every household and was predominantly seen in the houses of the wealthy. With rising crime rates and pervading lawlessness, it has become imperative for citizens to install security alarms to safeguard their homes and …

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