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Jul 16

Five Plants for Backyard Wildlife Backdrop

Plants for Backyard Wildlife Backdrop

The presence of the park as a complement to the exterior of the home has many advantages for the owner. Besides being able to beautify your whole house, the garden also brings cool and fresh air intake for health. Garden without plants is certainly not complete. But behind the shade of green foliage, plants apparently …

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Jul 15

Tips Presented Butterfly in the courtyard of the House


The shady garden is certainly the hope most people who own a home. What if the green lawns into a shelter, a group of beautiful insects such as butterflies. Yard of your home can appear more vibrant with the presence of the insect. But it’s not easy you know create ecosystems that are convenient to …

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Apr 02

Create A Minimalist Fish Pond

minimalist fish pond

Do you have the rest of your homeland and you are confused to use for what? If you have the rest of the land there is no harm if used for a small fish pond and minimalist garden, perhaps most of all that still have the rest of the land, be it in front of …

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Feb 03

The Best Natural Stone Option For Decorating Home Garden

garden with natural stone

The House with a touch of the beauty of the garden is certainly very easy for us to meet. Besides useful to add to the beauty of the house, the garden also presents a natural and refreshing in a dwelling. Indeed the beauty of a garden is not only determined by the choice of plants …

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Dec 21

Accent Water Falls For An Attractive Pond

miniwater fall

The presence of a waterfall with the sound of the splashing water flow is able to create an impression of relaxed for anyone who heard it. Yes, the ornament of the waterfalls can You make an interesting accent on outdoor. So the pool will look beautiful while stealing attention. But to create waterfalls, cliffs are …

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