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Continue reading »]]> For you who live at home, to eat with the family in a table becomes a sweet thing. In addition to enjoying the meal together, the bonds of brotherhood also become increasingly tight. Sometimes, many people do not like to linger at the dinner table and choose to eat in front of the television.

Dining table itself is not only used as a place to present and eat food, now its function has begun to shift into one of the sweetener furniture in the house. The selection of design and model dining table is beautiful and interesting, in addition to increasing the spirit in doing cooking activities, also makes the activities of enjoying the dishes become more comfortable and enjoyable.

For decorating the dining table, a centerpiece or decorative decoration that is usually placed in the center of this table will turn your dining table so special. Here are tips from us.

1. Flower Sequence Always Matching Being Centerpiece for Dining Table


You can choose fresh and flavorful flowers that are not too sharp for eating activities are not disturbed.

2. Fruit Can Also Become Mascot for Dining Table


Choose fresh fruit with attractive colors. Avoid using fake fruits, because it can fool the attention

3. Candles


Candles can prevent flying flies on the dining table. In addition, candles can also add comfort at dinner.

4. Organize Fresh Vegetables In Glass Jars


When you organize fresh vegetables in glass jars, you will add taste to eat. For those who do not like vegetables, may even want to try it.

5. Snack In The Center Of The Table


If you have a snack that can catch the attention of other family members, you can put it in the middle of the dinner table.

6. Dried Snacks In Jars


You can also put a dry snack in the middle of the dinner table like beans that have been put into the umbrella for the centerpiece.

7. Coffee Beans In Topless


Is your father, brother or sister a coffee lover? If so, can you put the coffee beans that have been put into the jar in the middle of the dinner table? Coffee can also remove odor from the dining table.

8. Take advantage of Unused Tea Cups


Teacups that are unused and have attractive shades can also be used as a centerpiece on your dining table. Arrange to be an attractive decoration for the dining table.

9. Mini aquarium

mini aquarium

Put a mini aquarium on the dining table gives its own impression. Choose fish that are attractive colors like koi fish.

10. Eating Equipment

Eating Equipment

Put the cutlery like a spoon and fork in the middle of the dining table. Aside from being an ornament, putting spoons and forks as a centerpiece also makes it easier for us to use them.

11. Minimalist Decorations

minimalist decoration

Make a minimalist decoration of a mini basket containing leaves and berries included in the jar. Beautiful to look at while eating.

12. Blend of Plastic Flower and Candle

glass botlle

The blend of plastic flowers and candles produces a unique centerpiece. You can choose the same color of flowers and candles.

13. Bottle Glass with Grains and Candles

glass botlle

Fill the unused glass bottle with the grain. Then, place a colorful candle on it. Put it on the dining table so it looks more lively.

When setting up the centerpiece, make sure the circuit is not higher than the eye view of the person sitting at the table, so that your views are not blocked while chatting. Also make sure that the size is not too large, especially if it sticks to the food container or even disturb the space. Remember, the centerpiece circuit should also be clean because it is adjacent to the food. Hopefully, you are more comfortable to eat a meal at the dinner table

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Unique Creation Furniture From Used Books Fri, 10 Nov 2017 04:59:16 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Surely everyone has unused books or used books. Mending does not throw away, here are some ideas that you can use to create your used book into furniture like below …

1. Being a look or decoration

unused bookThan you throw away your used book, better at creations like this? Guaranteed way or your house is cooler …

2. Sofa from used books

unused bookApparently this book is not only useful to read. Once read is still useful and can be used as a sofa like this …

3. Can be a interior decoration

unused bookIt turns out the book is very useful? Depending on us alone how to manage it .. if creative it could be so cool and useful interior decoration for us …

4. Make a table

unused bookIf your used book is stacked, do not throw away .. You can make a table like this .. besides saving the cost of materials is environmentally friendly …

5. Could be a pot too

unused bookFor what to buy expensive pots, if there is a free like this book ya, you can utilize used books like this to make flower pots.


6. Conjured into a chair …

unused bookHave used chairs & used books? You can turn it into a chair like this.

7. Eco-friendly desk

unused bookNo need wood or nails. Only capitalize used books can become ready-made table. No cost and definitely environmentally friendly.

8. Round table

unused book

Besides not needing capital, making a round table of books also sparingly places. Because of its small size and does not require much space.

If you have a soul of art, although used books though you must use to be a useful item. And maybe you can sale your creation and also get passive income by selling your creations.

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Home Interior Inspiration To New Couples Got Married Thu, 09 Nov 2017 12:02:26 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Are you already bored with the style of your home and want to replace it with a new model? Or you a new Couple who just got married and wants to build a dream house? Lots of style choices to design a House that could be your inspiration! Here tips the interior style trends from

1. Bohemian.

BohemianBohemian style more visible irregular and leads to a free personality. Bohemian is usually contrasted to mix and match a various colors and motifs from everyday items such as a jar, paper craft, bottle, cloth, trinkets that are styled so that it has a value of aesthetically. This style is more concerned with the mix of colors and has a lot of motifs.

2. Classic.

ClassicClassic style is very close to the high-value works, so it has a graceful and luxurious impression. Usually using furniture made of wood or marble. Many elements of the carved floral curtains, luxurious thick or large vase used to decorate the room.

3. Eclectic.

EclekticThis style combines the best elements of many styles. Many games mix and match the color and pattern used for the eclectic home interior. The furnishings have ethnic elements serve as a point of view, such as a colorful ball jar at the corner of the room. The ethnic elements can be obtained by selection of trinkets or traditional furniture.

4. Industrial.

IndustrialFilled with a wide variety of forms of industrial buildings, the style texture usually has a high ceiling This style is widely used for cafe or Office. Identical to the use of the material is colored gold and copper, brick walls, cement floor using raw materials that impressed but still edgy.

5. Morocco.

MarokoThe element used as the Moroccan style is very varied. Tower-shaped building, the use of colorful mosaic tiles, curved and tapered architecture is a typical Moroccan style. Bright colors, intricate geometric patterns, the use of luxury carpet, carpet-to lights and luxurious benches are also widely used.

6. Nautical.

nauticalNautical style or coastal latched onto the beach. Coastal elements such as sand, surf, and Sun is used as inspiration for this design. Many use stripes motif, material, colors white and blue be the uniqueness of nautical style. You will feel relaxed, like being on the coast.

7. Rustic.

RusticRustic style mostly focuses on the impression of natural and original material not finishing. So closely linked to nature, usually using materials of wood, stone, and metal. The walls using rocks or have a strong texture. The accessories used are typically made from natural cotton fabrics, such as wood, linen, wool, and leather.


8. The Scandinavian.


Casual, simple and charming. Scandinavian style so popular at the present time. This style much wears neutral colors like gray, black and white. Usually, a large glass Windows became the main source of light from this House. Scandinavian also often using natural wood and plant life.


9. Vintage.

VintageVintage style vintage furniture use most aged decades. The vintage-style house usually filled the collection of antiques such as vases, cups or crate that classic look. Its furnishings also use rattan chairs, teak tables, antique jewelry or anything that is old stuff.


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How To Make Ceiling House More Interesting And More Beautiful Wed, 08 Nov 2017 05:36:40 +0000

Continue reading »]]> The ceiling is indeed not become catch visual someone directly, in contrast with walls and floors that are more easily captured by the five senses of human vision. However, the actual limit is also part of a space that needs to be treated the same as the floor and the wall. The ceiling is also important to be processed so that it looks not monotonous.

The ceiling is treated not only will become more beautiful and unique, but also will reflect the character of the owner of the House, whether he was simply paying attention to the details or not. Further, the ceiling could also support a concept offered for these spaces. Then how do I manipulate the ceiling so that it looks not monotonous? These tips for making the ceiling beautiful.

1. Combine two material composition

Often we come across a plain ceiling and consists of a single material only. To give the impression of a more interesting, you can combine two different material composition for Your ceiling. For example the composition of wood with gypsum.

2. Have the roof structure

The roof structure is a buffer-a buffer to support the roof load from above. Usually, the roof structure is hidden and covered by a ceiling. In fact, if we could be more observant, exposed roof structure thus will be able to give the impression of aesthetic interest.

3. Set the ride – down ceiling

We can also set the ceiling like a staircase, i.e. have the Groove goes up – down. This concept is usually termed the drop ceiling. Here’s how simple once, namely by elevating or lowering some ceilings against one another.

4. Blend two colors composition

In addition to combining two materials composition, mixing two colors composition is also one form of treatment details of us against the ceiling. A mix of colors can be customized with the colors already present in the space to be more balanced.

5. Give the impression the focus

The impression is the focus of the first impression that people see. To make the ceiling features a special impression, things you need to do is provide a different treatment in the middle of the ceiling. Can be done by focusing on the difference in shapes and colors, as well as horizontal lines as if directing our eyes at this point in the middle of the ceiling.

6. Select the type of lamps are unique

If the ceiling was already plain and do not have to modify the shape or color, another way to make the ceiling not monotony is by selecting the shape of lights of different and unique. You can choose the form of the chandelier because of its more memorable contrasts with a flat ceiling.

7. Follow the slope of the roof ceiling Creations

The slope of the roof is often also covered by a flat ceiling. To give different impression forms the tilted roof could also be followed by the ceiling. The shape of the oblique indirectly will make space feel airy and spacious.

8. Wear the pattern grid

A grid pattern which is actually impressed monotony turns won’t felt monotonous if applied to the ceiling. Thus the grid pattern will look a good fit with the spaces that are usually a cube. This pattern is suitable for a minimalist space.

9. Processing techniques of lighting

Lighting technique is a technique of structuring of light in space. You can manipulate the arrangement of light in space as you want in order to make the ceiling look beautiful. Could be of different light colors, or a spread of a different light.

10. Wear different material types

If the ceiling is usually formed from material gypsum or plasterboard, you can better steer your mindset to start to turn to the other materials. For example, using a wood on the ceiling. The wood is suitable for a warm room ambiance and classic.

11. Give the paintings on the ceiling

For you who like pictures or wallpapers, you can also be installed on the ceiling. There is usually a manufacturer of the ceiling are indeed provide the pictures as wallpaper to be mounted on the ceiling. You could put up a picture of the painting the ceiling or other painting you want.

12. Form a circular or semi-circular

Pattern geometric circle if processed and applied to space will form a harmonization of interest. To make the circle shape looks good, you can cut a circle into a half circle, and unite them on the ceiling and walls.

13. Unite the ceiling with one piece of furniture

Space must have had one major piece of furniture which is highlighted. For example, in the bathroom, furniture popularized was the bathtub. Whereas, in the bedroom, furniture popularized was the bed. To make the ceiling more fused with space, you can combine one of the main pieces of furniture with the ceiling.

14. Allow incoming light from the ceiling

For some people, there is an abundance of light in the House is a must so that the House could be more bright and energy-saving electricity. To meet that need, the ceiling can also be made as a function of the window off.

15. Creates the impression of ethnic

The ethnic impression from a ceiling can also make a flat ceiling has more meaning. The impression this ethnic can be realized by giving the border on the ceiling with a certain ethnic.

16. Cultivate only certain parts in the ceiling

Not all parts of space should be treated the ceiling. For a more elegant, impressive ceiling treatment could be just focused on a specific part, such section or part of the corner spaces that will be filled by furniture and activity of the residents of his home. While the other is left flat ceiling.

17. Obscure the visual perception between ceiling and walls


Obscure the visual perception is one of the engineering design is rarely used. To impress a different ceiling, these design techniques can be used with visual perception of blurring between walls with the ceiling. The trick is to equate the material forming, paint color, or by forming the ceiling as if to blend with the wall.

18. Form a pattern of repetition

A pattern of repetition or repetition will form the characters visually elegant and beautiful. Especially if there are processing rose – down in the form of the reps. It will be an interesting thing that arises from the ceiling.

19. Give a clear gap between the walls with ceiling

Sometimes, in this space, there are people who want to separate the functions of each element of the space. For example, the element is to step on the floor, while elements of the ceiling are to be appointed. So there must be a clear gap between the floor ceiling. Then, a pause can be obtained by providing a separation between the floor with a ceiling. For example, by making the openings (Windows) which meets one of the side walls.

20. Cultivate the ceiling around the column structure

Sometimes there is a column structure (concrete pillars) that cannot be removed from a room. For the impressive form of the ceiling which is more interesting, parts of the ceiling around the columns of the structure can be processed with some sort of engineering.

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Connected Minimalist Dining Room and Kitchen Design Fri, 27 Oct 2017 08:52:34 +0000

Continue reading »]]> The minimalist dining room does not really need much space. It can be put together with the kitchen. The concept of this dining room to be the right solution for a minimalist home. as it is known, minimalist homes have minimal room bulkhead. In order for you to stay calm the dining room, then try to put it together with the kitchen. In addition, this design is also more practical. You can prepare food and immediately smoke without having to move the room.
One of the keys is to align the kitchen set design with dining table. This makes the dining room look more attractive. But if you use this concept, of course, do not need additional other furniture, because the room has seen tightness. You only need a kitchen set and dining table, and some other furniture. Here are some dining room design and a minimalist kitchen that blends for you to apply.

1. The Black Color dining room and kitchen

black color dinning room

The black color is still a favorite for the minimalist dwelling. including for the kitchen, black is suitable for kitchen set can be tried dining table. In this design, the dining table joins the kitchen set of bar shapes. In order for the room more attractive, white color applied to intersect the black color. The White color is applied to the dining chairs, walls, and floors.

2. Dining room and letter U kitchen 

letter u dining room

U-shape design is suitable for narrow room conditions. Kitchen set using Letter U type and on the empty side used as dining table. The design of this room looks more practical and certainly cost-effective. You do not need to pay a fee. The choice of color dining chairs quickly matching with the kitchen set to make the design look more fused.

3. Dining room in the middle of the kitchen

mini dining room

Empty space in the middle of the kitchen set can be used to lay the dining table. This design is suitable for use in a slightly loose room conditions. But in order not to look crowded, the kitchen set used a small treatment. The color of the dining table is advanced in line with the kitchen set with the concept of fused look and the kitchen looks more attractive.

4. The dining room and kitchen are brown

brown color kitchen and dining room

If you want a room that looks simple, apply a brown color in it including in your kitchen. brown color combined with wood elements in the kitchen set. the dining table is placed on the back side of the kitchen. The color is also almost matching with the kitchen set. It’s just dining chairs are more patterned for the design of the room is not too exciting.

Here is a model kitchen that blends with the dining room that you can make reference at home:

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Design Wall Shelf Minimalist Living Room Thu, 26 Oct 2017 06:20:35 +0000

Continue reading »]]> wall shelf

The living room is part of the room inside the house is the main and the first place used to receive guests so it is important to pay attention to the condition of neatness and comfort in the living room so that anyone who is in the living room you do not easily bored. Many ideas you can do to make the living room become more interesting and pleasing to the eye, one of them by designing your living room. Especially for those of you who have a living room that is not too large, would be very difficult to design. For the concept of the living room is not too broad, you can use the concept of a minimalist living room. You can start designing it by providing a bright background color, using wallpaper or mural, or adding a little decoration on the walls of your living room.

Beautify and beautify the look of your living room not only can you do by putting various kinds of knick-knacks or display. You can also use wall shelves or storage racks that will be combined with other items or displays that can make the living room look more attractive.

In addition to making the living room more interesting course will make the living room look more tidy and clean. But the placement of wall shelves in the living room also has many functions, among others:

  • Of course, the function of the minimalist living room wall rack is the main storage medium for your goods. Wall racks become ideal storage for your living room that is not too wide. In addition, using a wall shelf will certainly protect your goods from the risk of damage caused by trampled or other.
  • Storage racks or wall shelves certainly have a function to store goods so that your room becomes tidier. By adding modern minimalist living room wall shelves can certainly make the order of your goods to be neater as books, newspaper, Magazine, DVD, and others. with a neat appearance will certainly make your living room look more beautiful and attractive.
  • Minimalist living room wall model can also be used as one of your guest room decoration. Its minimalist design will not make your living room look full. You can focus your accessories on only one part of the room. Surely the existence of this wall shelf can make your room look more attractive.


Well if you are interested to put a wall shelf in your living room, here are some tips on choosing and put the right minimalist living room wall shelf:

  • Be sure to choose the design of your minimalist living room rack in accordance with the needs of your living room.
  • Choose a unique and attractive design that can make your living room look attractive when viewed.
  • Do not forget to choose the right color rack wall of the living room minimalist. Color selection should not be ignored as it may affect the look of your living room. Should choose the color of your wall space tau rack that matches the color of the walls in your living room.
  • Don’t forget also the position placement of your living room wall shelf. Be sure to choose the right location so that its view does not interfere with your activity in the living room.

Here are some examples of wall shelf models in a minimalist living room:

wall shelf wall shelfwall shelf wall shelf wall shelf wall shelf

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Tips To Remodeling Your Private Space Wed, 25 Oct 2017 04:55:28 +0000

Continue reading »]]> dressing table

What is your plan this weekend? Private space that is often used every day. Try interior interfaces on the most commonly used space, such as sink area and mirrored area.

To improve your quality of life, enjoy your self-care as efficiently as possible with a place warranty for all the things you need. Check out the 5 tips:

1. Dressing table

The first fixture is a dressing table that functions as a focal point. If you use the room together with a partner, as in the main place, you could have two different treatment sites.

The dedicated care rooms will each offer each other and more you want.

We recommend that your dressing table is at least 60 inches or about 152.4 cm to connect two washbasins. Alternatively, you can also have two different dressers to create a space that meets each of your needs.

Also, place a chest of drawers or a stellar drawer (two drawn bridges) that connect two custom-made booths to provide extra space and extra space.

2.Option of installation

If you’re planning on buying a bathroom, consider choosing a legged dresser. This type of dresser has an elegant design that can make the room look more spacious.

Alternatively, you can choose a walled dressing table for a clean and modern impression. You will be able to formalize it in the area below it.

In fact, if you just want to choose a dressing table and stay on the current level, a footless dresser can be the best option.

medicine cabinet

3. Storage is the key

Arrange your dressing table with all the bottles, packaging and boxes that are less functional to make it look more presentable. However, make sure everything is on the table. With so the morning routine.

It is important to then perform the efficiency of the dressing table following the following points: Perform storage in the dresser drawer. These drawers will be particularly useful for makeup and shaving equipment.

4. Drug Cabinet

Do you know why the medicine cabinet becomes one of the important points that should be in the bathroom? Of course, you will be greatly facilitated to help the health that will be used every day, such as medicines, antiseptic drugs, eye drops, to other personal care equipment. This equipment is in long distance. Drug cabinets are now increasingly innovating.

5. Lighting

Good lighting is essential to make the place more perfect. So so, lighting is one of the aspects. To avoid uneven incorporation and disturbing shadows, call for a light source installed in different corners.

Apply a combination of atmosphere with the work of lighting to achieve a balanced light intensity. Choose a light bulb that emits soft light from the center of the color spectrum, so you can correctly assess the color of light and skin tone.

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Recondition The Living Room Tue, 24 Oct 2017 04:47:00 +0000

Continue reading »]]> The living room is the first impression of a house and a representation of the personality of its inhabitants. Therefore, we recommend owners or occupants who manage the design. In building a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the living room, we often make mistakes that even ruin the guest room.

If you know a common mistake in the design of the living room, you can more creatively do home decorating. When designing a living room, small changes can make a tremendous difference. Make a flexible design so you can change it according to mood.

Here are common mistakes in designing and decorating the living room:

1. Lighting

living room

Adjust the lighting correctly. Keep the living room gets light from all sides and do not just put one light. You can get around the lighting by setting the window or adding a small lamp in the corner of the ceiling.

2. Carpets

Example Living Room Paint Colors

Adjust the size and shape of the carpet with the room. Be careful in choosing colors. Adjust the furniture in the living room.

3. Furniture Position

livingroom design

Place the furniture in the right position. One common mistake, that is put the television in the living room.

4. Sofa


Avoid sealing the sofa against the wall. Placement like this does not make the living room feels spacious but increasingly crowded.

5. Color of the wall

coloring living room

The color of the dark walls will make the room look small. If you like dark colors, use them only for one side of the wall, then apply bright colors on the other side.

6. Antiques

antique furniture

Do not put old furniture in the modern living room. If you want to display antiques, do recondition or modification in accordance with the design of the living room.

7. Restore function

living room

The living room is a place to greet guests as well as to spend free time. Do not create a living room as a multipurpose room for eating, drinking, sleeping, work, sports, or work space.

8. Space ideas

Example Living Room Paint Colors

The living room should not be used as an art gallery. Use a little furniture and well position.

9. Curtains

minimalist living room

The windows with long curtains are out of date. Wear long curtains by placing a slightly higher curtain rod. This will give you a spacious and luxurious look in your living room.

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Decorating Bookshelves To Make Beautify Your Home Tue, 17 Oct 2017 11:44:58 +0000

Continue reading »]]> bookshelves

If you are a true book reader. Maybe at this time, your house has been filled with the collection of books in every corner of your room.

But do you know your collection of books can actually be a beautiful room accessory if placed correctly? Here are the bookshelf location tips that can inspire you to beautify your home.

1. Bedroom

If you have a habit of reading a book before bed. You can put a bookcase next to your bed. In addition, to beautify the atmosphere of the bedroom, this will make it easier for you to take and put the book you want to read.

2. Living room

So that your collection and bookshelf can look beautiful and attractive. You can put it beside the television table in the living room. But in a room with a small size, better to use the hanging rack so that the room does not seem narrow.


3. Kitchen

It may sound odd to put a collection of books in the kitchen room. But that’s what will make your kitchen look unique and interesting.

You can use a rack on the side of your refrigerator, and put some recipe books in it. This will make it easier for you when you want to see the recipe, without having to search first.

4. Mix and match

If you do not have many books in your home, but want to make your family room look classic. You can combine bookshelves with several other accessories, such as miniature, ornamental plants, and others.

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Tips To Maximize The Living Room Space Of The House Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:02:11 +0000

Continue reading »]]> living roomIt has a spacious living room with a limited, can provide its own challenge when decorating for you. How spacious the room with limited can encompass all the purposes you need.

The living room is one of the important room that is in the house. Because the room is a place to gather you with a family. This is what makes the importance to decorate the family room properly and correctly.

One of the keys to making the room with a limited breadth so that it looks great is to use furniture multifunctional.

Therefore it is important to correctly pick furniture that fit so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. And here are tips to maximize living areas with limited space.

1. Avoid the use of door


Avoid the use of the door or dividing the living room with the other. With the use of a door or a wall, in an area will take more space in your room.


Let your living room with another room such as the kitchen. But as the criterion, you can give a different impression in a room with one other room.

2. Use the rack

A good idea to use stacking shelves at your living room. You can perform customizations Chair and desk, which at the bottom there is a shelf or drawer hidden in it. This is to serve as a storage area for your stuff, so the room doesn’t look full. Use furniture and items you need only.

3. Be creative with the layout of furniture and lighting


On the previous points are described to avoid the use of doors, and dividing the room with one other room. To differentiate one room with another room, you can arrange your furniture as attractive as possible, until a different impression is created on each of its spatial.

You can create a dividing line between the living room with workspace, by way of putting a table on the back of the sofa and desk. This sofa can be used as the delimiter between the living and working spaces.

4. Let the Sun go in easily

With the incoming sunlight can make the room look larger. The sunlight will help dispel the shadow of furniture in the room.

You can maximize the lighting by way of putting a glass in a position that can reflect light, so the light from the Sun can be spread throughout the room.

5. Choose a sofa with a low leg

On the selection of furniture in the living room, you better pick furniture that is light, and slender, as it will make the room look more spacious. Avoid using furniture with large size because it will take a lot of space.

You can use the sofa with the foot. Use the painting as the central point of the room on the walls.

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