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If you are a true book reader. Maybe at this time, your house has been filled with the collection of books in every corner of your room.

But do you know your collection of books can actually be a beautiful room accessory if placed correctly? Here are the bookshelf location tips that can inspire you to beautify your home.

1. Bedroom

If you have a habit of reading a book before bed. You can put a bookcase next to your bed. In addition, to beautify the atmosphere of the bedroom, this will make it easier for you to take and put the book you want to read.

2. Living room

So that your collection and bookshelf can look beautiful and attractive. You can put it beside the television table in the living room. But in a room with a small size, better to use the hanging rack so that the room does not seem narrow.


3. Kitchen

It may sound odd to put a collection of books in the kitchen room. But that’s what will make your kitchen look unique and interesting.

You can use a rack on the side of your refrigerator, and put some recipe books in it. This will make it easier for you when you want to see the recipe, without having to search first.

4. Mix and match

If you do not have many books in your home, but want to make your family room look classic. You can combine bookshelves with several other accessories, such as miniature, ornamental plants, and others.

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Tips To Maximize The Living Room Space Of The House Mon, 16 Oct 2017 11:02:11 +0000

Continue reading »]]> living roomIt has a spacious living room with a limited, can provide its own challenge when decorating for you. How spacious the room with limited can encompass all the purposes you need.

The living room is one of the important room that is in the house. Because the room is a place to gather you with a family. This is what makes the importance to decorate the family room properly and correctly.

One of the keys to making the room with a limited breadth so that it looks great is to use furniture multifunctional.

Therefore it is important to correctly pick furniture that fit so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. And here are tips to maximize living areas with limited space.

1. Avoid the use of door


Avoid the use of the door or dividing the living room with the other. With the use of a door or a wall, in an area will take more space in your room.


Let your living room with another room such as the kitchen. But as the criterion, you can give a different impression in a room with one other room.

2. Use the rack

A good idea to use stacking shelves at your living room. You can perform customizations Chair and desk, which at the bottom there is a shelf or drawer hidden in it. This is to serve as a storage area for your stuff, so the room doesn’t look full. Use furniture and items you need only.

3. Be creative with the layout of furniture and lighting


On the previous points are described to avoid the use of doors, and dividing the room with one other room. To differentiate one room with another room, you can arrange your furniture as attractive as possible, until a different impression is created on each of its spatial.

You can create a dividing line between the living room with workspace, by way of putting a table on the back of the sofa and desk. This sofa can be used as the delimiter between the living and working spaces.

4. Let the Sun go in easily

With the incoming sunlight can make the room look larger. The sunlight will help dispel the shadow of furniture in the room.

You can maximize the lighting by way of putting a glass in a position that can reflect light, so the light from the Sun can be spread throughout the room.

5. Choose a sofa with a low leg

On the selection of furniture in the living room, you better pick furniture that is light, and slender, as it will make the room look more spacious. Avoid using furniture with large size because it will take a lot of space.

You can use the sofa with the foot. Use the painting as the central point of the room on the walls.

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5 Ideas Decorate a Corner Of The Room In Your Home Sun, 15 Oct 2017 10:00:13 +0000

Continue reading »]]> corner roomSometimes the idea of ​​decorating arises from the little things. One of a corner of the room, in a room with a small area. The corner of the room in the living room can be used as a supporter of your living room.

Little touches can make big changes to the corners of the room, like putting unique items of furniture such as tables, or chairs to room accessories like ornamental plants, lights, to painting. Here are tips on decorating small corners of the room.

1. Create a small corner into your relaxed corner by placing a comfortable sofa. Make the air look fresher using an ornamental plant next to it.

2. If you have so many collections like plates, books, or even toys. You do not need to be confused where to put it, just use the shelf on the wall, and your collection will look beautiful.

3. You have a hobby of painting or photography. You can complete the space with all your work, and let it tell the story.

4. If you often do office work at home. Do not worry about the place. Simply use the space, put a set of your desk and you can work comfortably.

5. For you who like to read, the corner of the room you can make a comfortable reading room. And if you have an accessory collection of characters in your favorite book, the collection will be very suitable to decorate the corner of your room so it looks unique and interesting.

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How to Easily Organize Your Tools in a Small Kitchen Sat, 14 Oct 2017 08:29:12 +0000

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For housewives, having a small kitchen is a dilemma. In addition to limited space, the kitchen is also not possible to store many kitchen utensils. As a result, the ease of reaching kitchen utensils while cooking becomes very inconvenient.

Here is one trick to get around your small kitchen to order neatly, making it easier for you to move maximally in your small kitchen. 

The key to getting around the kitchen is putting all the commonly used equipment in one place. Also, provide a neat arrangement for the kitchen does not look more narrow. In addition, do not forget to always clean the equipment. Here are some creations that you can try to organize the equipment in your small kitchen.

1. Hang on the wall

Put the kitchen equipment on the floor, will instead need more space. Siasati by installing the hangers in the shape of the letter “S” then put some kitchen equipment on the hanger. Besides being easy to reach, it does not take up much space.

2. Rows of knives

If you have several drawers in the kitchen, give them special places for knives and spoons. Simply ejected when you need it, so the small kitchen arranged more neatly.

3. Wooden Hangers

This trick you can use to organize some small kitchen utensils like some funny cups look more attractive in the kitchen that tends to be small. Put a wooden hanger in the area of ​​the wall that is wide enough, then the cup according to the group.

4. Wardrobe

For some common and easy-to-hold kitchen utensils such as plates and bowls, they can be stored in a wall-mounted cabinet. It is very telling to reduce the use of more space.

5. Assign equipment

Always make a group of things look more organized. Do not mix between large and small plates because it will worsen the look of the kitchen and make the room look messy.

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Seven creative ideas to beautify your Kitchen Fri, 13 Oct 2017 07:52:59 +0000

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The kitchen is generally being a favorite for the family room in spending time together, and the kitchen has also become the most favorite place of a mother to cook. Furniture and decor set the kitchen becomes the main key so that the kitchen be the convenient and delicious place to cook. has Tips on Seven creative ideas may be material recommendations in designing a kitchen space to make it more cheerful and attractive look. You can be comfortable and at home in preparing dishes for the family.

The most important tips are to avoid using excessive home decor. Instead, think of making kitchen goods as part of kitchen decor.

You do not need to spend more funds just to beautify your kitchen. Take some time and put some innovative ideas to get the perfect kitchen.

Here, we will explore some creative ideas on how to brighten up a kitchen. This ensures a complete overhaul of the session for your kitchen, making it more cool kitchen.

Take advantage of the unique bowls and cups

One of the things that attracted the attention of every visitor is the kitchen items such as cups, plates, and bowls. Instead of looking for the usual design, look for a unique design that distracts other people.

Use the jar

Try to utilize some of the jar of the same design with varying sizes. This will make the kitchen look more organized and orderly. Fill with seed spice is the perfect example.

The concept of night tableware

Equipment dinner, a beautiful and unique, the inevitable became part of the decor of your kitchen. If you don’t have a certain color theme in your kitchen, choose contrasting colors that match the colors of the walls. Be sure to organize and display it correctly.

Select a theme

Instead of buying all the ornaments or trinkets that draw your attention, better buy the goods based on the theme you want, with the art of mixing colors. This will improve the look of your kitchen in no time. This is one of the important creative ideas to brighten up your kitchen.

Avoid making the kitchen as art gallery

Do not ever make your kitchen into the art gallery. If you want to use the accents of art, you have to choose items that symbolize the art of cooking. There is no need for expensive items, vases of flowers adorn the pretty kitchen.

Bright colors on the walls of the kitchen

It would be more interesting if you use light colors. This will make the area look more spacious. If you are concerned to make more dirty walls, look for washable paint. Select your preferred color theme appropriate.

Additional furniture

Take the time to do your research well before buying cabinets or kitchen furniture. The furniture should have enough room to avoid your kitchen looks a mess. This is one of those creative ideas to beautify your kitchen.

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Tips Home Tidy Although There Are Toddlers Wed, 11 Oct 2017 14:11:33 +0000

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The House was always neat and clean is always yearning to every homeowner, especially housewives. But how would it be if the condition of the House unruly because there is the little one who entered the times favors exploration? Moreover, if we have a toddler who is super active. has tips on how to keep a tidy House although there are toddlers, not restricting the behavior of toddlers because if the limiting behavior of toddlers, this would make creativity a toddler will not develop.

“Like doodles. To prevent this occurrence, first that the mother has to do is give a sense to the child that the wall is not a good place to draw. So please provide books or picture cards for him to channel his expression.

Another way to do is to put a large chalkboard on one side of the wall. Let the child be creative on the Board and he can channel his hobby on the wall.

Besides, it’s good the mother also routinely invites children to play outdoors or cluster environment. “Whether it’s only main bike or play with peers. So the manpower and energies are distracted by other activities.

Because who would have thought, one of the causes of children’s hobbies to let the toy fall apart in the House is due to lack of the duration of the child explores the environment outside the home.

The parents also demanded more active in giving a special space so that children want to explore page. For example by creating an artificial swimming, encouraged him to use the small tent camp, or simply playing the ball in front of the House.

“Save and Hide!” Another trick that needs to be done so that the House always neat is to educate children about the “spruce up own toys after use”.


“If you have unused space you can make the room as a playroom and gathered the children and their playmates, Toy storage is also provided. And so that children are interested in tidying up, try to find storage that has a unique and funny design. For example, a basket shape city bus or an animal. Unique toy basket such as the following examples can trigger the attention of the child.

In addition to special toys, baskets provide also some other basket to store a number of common objects in the House. So when hit by the business and no time to tidy the House, simply throwing objects that make a mess (except waste) into it.

Place storage in the corner of the room so as not to be conspicuous. If necessary choose a storage with an attractive design. And when there is free time to tidy up the pile of goods, immediately tidy in the proper place.


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Safe Bathroom For The Elderly People Wed, 11 Oct 2017 03:16:31 +0000

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grab bars for seniors

You who are at home with elderly parents would have to think about the condition of adequate home space for them. The reason, their physical abilities have been much reduced, so is the coordination of his brain. Do not be surprised if they are easy to get lost or fall.

One of the rooms that most need your attention is the bathroom. Often we hear parents who fall in the bathroom suffering from severe pain, such as a stroke to hard to recover.

In order not to happen to your parents, please check the condition of the bathroom.

There’s a Grip

Give the handle in some places, such as the location near the shower as well as the toilet. Point in order that they can still stand balanced while in the bathroom floor slippery.

View Floor Condition

The bathroom should use a patterned floor and the surface texture to coarse so it is not slippery when poured in water. If you do not want to change the floor, add a rubber mat in the shower and toilet. Clean the rubber tools every week, as it makes the floor more damp and smelly.

Use Toilet Seat

Use the toilet seat and wipe the toilet seat and floor under the toilet after each use, to prevent damp and become slippery.

No Floor Level

Should not need to make a difference in floor height, for example, the floor in the shower is lower than the floor in the sink and toilet. Allow the height of the floor surface.

Elderly vision has diminished, so will not be aware of any difference in this height. This is of course at risk of making it slip.

Use the Right Floor Cleaner

Use a bathroom cleaner that is reserved for the bathroom. This fluid will make the floor becomes more rigid and comfortable, otherwise, other cleaning fluid will make the floor more slippery.

Use Shower

Compared to bath with bathtub, it would be safer if the bathroom uses shower alone without a bathtub underneath. The surface of the bathtub tends to be slippery, making it easier for parents to slip while inside.

Not Natural Stone

Forget about your desire to change the bathroom into an open bathroom complete with natural stone. If there is one stone that accidentally fell to the floor, a risk of making your parents stumble and fall. The stone also makes the bathroom floor becomes slippery.

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Create a Beautiful Balcony Apartment With Minimalist Garden Tue, 10 Oct 2017 02:18:25 +0000

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Living in a vertical dwelling like an apartment there must be plus and minus. Plus apartments tend to be close to the city center and you do not have to think about cleanliness and security on the outside because it has been taken care of the manager.

But what’s the minus? The rooms are limited so you can not garden. Living in an apartment does not mean you can not grow crops this time tips from will help you to Create a Beautiful Balcony Apartment With Minimalist Garden. Narrow balcony area you can conjure so gardening area. Here are tips from us:

Use balcony balcony area


This way you can still stand on the narrow balcony
Plant flowers using pots and make sure the pot has a base to store excess water.

In order for you to remain standing on a narrow balcony, do not use it entirely as a planting area. Use only the edges, and add a carpet or pedestal in the center so you can still enjoy the outdoor panorama on the balcony.

Plant flowers using pots and make sure the pot has a base to store excess water. The remaining water should be immediately discarded from being a mosquito breeding ground.

Use container


take advantage of used buckets, used tins, or used jars.
Use a container (not necessarily a pot) to be a growing medium.

Limit the number of plants you will place on the balcony. If your balcony is tiny, preferably no more than four types of plants.

Use a container (not necessarily a pot) to be a growing medium. For example, you can use used buckets, used tins, or used jars.

Use the shelf on one side



Take advantage of one side of the wall as a gardening area
Install the wooden shelves on the wall and place the plant pots neatly on the shelf.

Outsmart a narrow balcony can be by just using a way to plant on one side. For example, you only use the left side wall as a gardening area. Install the wooden shelves on the wall and place the plant pots neatly on the shelf.

Planting and facing out


Hang the shelf or pot outward. Pay attention to the amount of water when planting, do not let the rest of the water drip and overwrite to other people who are below you. You can still grow vegetables on the balcony of the apartment. Hang the rack or pot outward so that the inside can still be used for other plants. Pay attention to the amount of water when planting, do not let the rest of the water drip and overwrite to other people who are below you.

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Increasing Passion of Love In Bedroom Through Blend Color Mon, 09 Oct 2017 15:45:57 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Due to being too tired after work and journey home jam, sometimes you no longer have time to make out with a partner. Seeing the bed feels like to immediately rest and continue to sleep less.

Actually not always the body’s metabolism or physical condition that makes your passions seem to decrease. Home conditions can make you less enthusiasm to make out with a partner.

To fix this, try to take advantage of some of the following colors in your home decor so that your passion back burning.



According to the Edinburgh Sleep Center study, very soft beige or light brown will increase the hormone endorphins that add comfort, including stimulating the desire to be close to the couple.

Because this color reminds you of the sweet chocolate so that you also share the comfort that food generated.

No need to make the entire color of your house or room with beige colors, but apply in some places only. You can use it for room curtains or one of the walls of the room.


purple bedroom

Especially purple, because this color will make you or your partner more beautiful and look fresher. Purple color also cools the eyes and soothes the stress, so you become more relaxed and want to spend longer with your partner.

Purple color can also be applied to pillowcases or simply put rugs or small carpets beside the bed. Do not forget to equip with air freshener or aroma of lavender therapy to make the atmosphere more perfect.


red bedroom

It’s no secret if the red color provokes passion. Because red raises your passion. Not only more interesting if used for the color of nightwear such as lingerie, but the red color you can use to beautify the room or house.

For example, a red sofa that will be the center of attention, even invite you to make love there. Apply also red color around the bed, such as beautify the reading table with red roses, or add a pillow on the red bed.

Light blue

Light blue bedroom

Blue color gives the impression of masculine as well as cute but soothing. Usually, women will be more impressed with the man who uses blue accents on one of the fashion items he wore.

The blue color of the room or home decoration gives the impression of cool, masculine while reminding you of a comfortable beach. Apply blue color may be blue-patterned-on sheets or bedcovers.


Who says white gives the impression of monotonous. Precisely white color makes you want to explore it further. Use white for sheets, or add a mosquito net over the bed, or use white for a soft carpet.

Seeing a clean white color comfortable makes you want to hug your partner immediately.


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Tips To Make Drawers Look Neat Sun, 08 Oct 2017 13:54:12 +0000

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The contents of the usual drawers contain small pieces of clothing. Newly cleared up soon will come back apart again so complicate you when you want to find an object.

But do not give up first. There are easy tricks that can be tried to make the contents of the drawer is always arranged neatly and regularly. Just start by dividing it up into groups, up to make the most part taken and not.

For that see four smart tricks for the contents of your drawer keep this neatly!

1. Have more than one drawer to store small items


A drawer for storing good stuff is not enough. Yes, all small objects may fit in a drawer, but overcrowded will make it difficult for you to search.

Small objects are also very easily tucked up already given a partition according to their respective groups. So the contents of the drawer with half the capacity easier to examine the objects in it.

2. Separate by group


To be able to look neat and organized, start for each item into a category that matches its function or size. Well, if it is shared then you will be easier to find an object in its place. As an example:

The drawer contains home appliance utensils
Drawers containing handicraft materials, and so forth.

3. Knowing two easy steps


There are several ways to share what you have, but these two ways are the easiest and most effective.

Divide according to similarity. Examples: “spoon” like spoons, spoons, and spatulas. Then the “cutting” part like a knife, peeler and so on.
Although strange, this can make you faster search for items needed, even for others or guests who first visit.

There are many groups of small objects that can be divided according to function and similarity. For example, tools, paper, and electronic / cable

Complete the task. The second way to divide is with bodies that have complementary functions from start to finish. The example in one drawer at home, place a box of envelopes, stamps, pens, notebooks and address book.
You may also need a drawer near the exit door containing keys, wallets, glasses, hats, jackets, and umbrellas before being taken away.

4. Label each section


It is important to label each piece that is stuck in front of the drawer. Thus you can know what the contents in it without having to open one by one.

Finally, not all objects can be placed in the drawer. For thin, flat objects such as paper in dark clashing or labeled bindings.


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