Jul 12

10 Mistakes in Buying Furniture

furnituresaleYou always ask, search and survey references to the store when they want to buy mobile phones, computers and electronic equipment. Do you also do the same thing when buying furniture that are more expensive and you use it for a long time?

We try to summarize from multiple sources to describe some of the common mistakes made or unconsciously we do in buying furniture. Here are some mistakes, tips and ways to avoid it.

Lack of Preparation

Often when furniture shopping, we went without any consideration: what we like, what the long-term plan, even the most simple: how the size and shape of the room that the furniture will be placed. Before you spend, first floor plan drawing room and its size. Find references from magazine design, if there is a match, scissors and take it as a reference. Take also the example paint the room. If you use a carpet or wallpaper, also include an example.

Not Noting The Scale

Shop / megastore may make you fooled with scale proportions. A furniture will look very nice and perfect in a store the size of a football field, but it will look very odd when placed in your room is minimal. When shopping, make sure you bring a small tape measure in a purse or use common objects as a benchmark measure, for example tiles.

Not trying Furniture Purchased

Never buy seating without testing it out. This sentence should be kept in mind in buying furniture. Often we are interested in the form offered. Though the furniture was created for comfort, not only to entertain the eye. Try to sit and feel – if necessary, try to read the book.

Too Fast to Buy

Each material furniture will look different when highlighted with different lights. Before you decide to buy, take home first examples of materials. Match with the condition of the room and adjust the color of the walls or other furniture in the room.

Purchase Because Encouraged Emotions

Your heart will surely scream “I want” when looking at a furniture sold at a discount of 50%. But try to think more before you buy. If the furniture does not correspond to the size of the space, ambience or color, then you have wasted 50% of which must be removed. Wise, do not buy furniture 2 days before you need. Buying furniture takes a long time, do not rush, give you a chance to look around and have a comparison.

Put Too Much

The more input you receive, the more difficult you decide. Everyone has different tastes. Do not invite too many people to buy furniture, limit input from friends / family that you believe that he is one with your taste

Refusing Help

Ask the sales to find furniture-furniture that you want more detail. Although sometimes there are sales that deliberately exaggerates the advantages of a product, but basically the theory that they provide is product knowledge you need to know.

Shopping in the Week Ending

If you need a salesman to assist and provide information to you, shop on weekdays (not on weekends). Since the end of the week is the busiest day for them, and given the considerations becomes inaccurate.

Forgot Take into account size or Lift Entrance

Most sellers accept the exchange of goods as furniture that has been purchased can not get in the front door, stairs or elevator. Measure advance any entry to be skipped furniture (Do not force the window as an alternative).

Pay To Much

One of the products that often offer special rates are furniture. Generally there is often a promo or discount on big days. Try to visit the malls that sell specific products or wait furniture furniture exhibitions. Take advantage of these moments to get a good price.