Oct 15

5 Ideas Decorate a Corner Of The Room In Your Home

corner roomSometimes the idea of ​​decorating arises from the little things. One of a corner of the room, in a room with a small area. The corner of the room in the living room can be used as a supporter of your living room.

Little touches can make big changes to the corners of the room, like putting unique items of furniture such as tables, or chairs to room accessories like ornamental plants, lights, to painting. Here are tips on decorating small corners of the room.

1. Create a small corner into your relaxed corner by placing a comfortable sofa. Make the air look fresher using an ornamental plant next to it.

2. If you have so many collections like plates, books, or even toys. You do not need to be confused where to put it, just use the shelf on the wall, and your collection will look beautiful.

3. You have a hobby of painting or photography. You can complete the space with all your work, and let it tell the story.

4. If you often do office work at home. Do not worry about the place. Simply use the space, put a set of your desk and you can work comfortably.

5. For you who like to read, the corner of the room you can make a comfortable reading room. And if you have an accessory collection of characters in your favorite book, the collection will be very suitable to decorate the corner of your room so it looks unique and interesting.