Aug 29

Chocolate For A Minimalist Design In The Living Room

brown for roomMinimalist style you can make the idea to create the impression of comfort in the living room. Feel the warmth through the main Brown hues can also make the residents become familiar. Yes, you can try using a combination of Brown and white.

Wrap a brown color as the primary color is dominant. Apply the paint colors on the walls and apply similar color on the back floor through the use of parquet floors. Hmmm … the brown color gives the impression which is warm and soothing. In addition, it also gives the room an elegant touch and much used in a minimalist house design.

Sofa design firm and simple dark brown color blends pillows and coffee table light brown color makes the minimalist living room design feels strong. Select a design firm for the square-shaped coffee table so simple yet elegant, the impression created in the living room.

Brown color can be presented back to the hood lights, curtains, wall hangings or can. Comfortable, minimalist living room into the perfect place to welcome friends or relatives coming. Simple and practical atmosphere is also able to touch that makes residents feel freely.

Creates the impression of a comfortable living room with minimalist design can be implemented. You not only get to play the typical minimalist shape, but can also play with colors.