Oct 27

Connected Minimalist Dining Room and Kitchen Design

The minimalist dining room does not really need much space. It can be put together with the kitchen. The concept of this dining room to be the right solution for a minimalist home. as it is known, minimalist homes have minimal room bulkhead. In order for you to stay calm the dining room, then try to put it together with the kitchen. In addition, this design is also more practical. You can prepare food and immediately smoke without having to move the room.
One of the keys is to align the kitchen set design with dining table. This makes the dining room look more attractive. But if you use this concept, of course, do not need additional other furniture, because the room has seen tightness. You only need a kitchen set and dining table, and some other furniture. Here are some dining room design and a minimalist kitchen that blends for you to apply.

1. The Black Color dining room and kitchen

black color dinning room

The black color is still a favorite for the minimalist dwelling. including for the kitchen, black is suitable for kitchen set can be tried dining table. In this design, the dining table joins the kitchen set of bar shapes. In order for the room more attractive, white color applied to intersect the black color. The White color is applied to the dining chairs, walls, and floors.

2. Dining room and letter U kitchen 

letter u dining room

U-shape design is suitable for narrow room conditions. Kitchen set using Letter U type and on the empty side used as dining table. The design of this room looks more practical and certainly cost-effective. You do not need to pay a fee. The choice of color dining chairs quickly matching with the kitchen set to make the design look more fused.

3. Dining room in the middle of the kitchen

mini dining room

Empty space in the middle of the kitchen set can be used to lay the dining table. This design is suitable for use in a slightly loose room conditions. But in order not to look crowded, the kitchen set used a small treatment. The color of the dining table is advanced in line with the kitchen set with the concept of fused look and the kitchen looks more attractive.

4. The dining room and kitchen are brown

brown color kitchen and dining room

If you want a room that looks simple, apply a brown color in it including in your kitchen. brown color combined with wood elements in the kitchen set. the dining table is placed on the back side of the kitchen. The color is also almost matching with the kitchen set. It’s just dining chairs are more patterned for the design of the room is not too exciting.

Here is a model kitchen that blends with the dining room that you can make reference at home: