Apr 03

Design Beautiful For Minimalist Home With One Floor

Minimalist HomeDesign Beautiful For Minimalist Home With One Floor is very important because Regardless of any size , minimalist home is often associated with the problem of limited area of ​​the room . Not to mention if it is built only with 1 floor , of the limitations seen more prominently . Though synonymous with simplicity , minimalist house 1 floor models remains a favorite for small families , young couples , or those who come from the middle to the bottom .

Minimalist house floor arguably one of the effects of high prices of land and building materials . For that people prefer a small house models , which maximize the room to make it more functional . There are many ways to make a minimalist house 1 floor remains pleasing to the eye and comfortable dwelling worth mentioning , such as by maximizing some important elements in the home . Here’s an example for your design home .

1. Wall

On certain types of wall paint there is not durable , easy to fade , or easily covered with mold due to a wall that is too moist . To be more durable , the solution is to change the wall paint using paint mainly for interior wood . May sound a bit strange why wood paint can be applied to the wall . Although the look more glossy ( shiny ) but the paint timber is generally easier to clean and more resistant to moisture than regular wall paint .
If sufficient funds would be better to apply a natural stone wall section , such as sandstone , palimanan stone , or the stone temple . Natural stone placement functions to a third or half the variation panel walls , or it could be a modification of the wall to the room focus .

2. Floor

Part of the floor to 1st floor minimalist house model is better to use a ceramic material . However, if sufficient funds we can use alternative to using cement acian exposure alone . This material floor with floor designs generally result in dark gray color . In terms of color is less convenient because it looks monotonous , but the cement floor of this kind are usually really becoming more shiny . The color is less attractive can be overcome with the use of paint the walls bright colors .
The floor of the cement as cement can also use other colors , such as beige , yellow , or green . But the floors are made of cement colored untested powers, even many say easily porous . So if you want to use it for flooring materials need to be considered again .

3. Furniture

Furniture that is used to model the minimalist house 1 floor should choose from metal , for example, can be wrought with duco paint finish . Material from the wrought iron we can choose for this type of furniture such as beds , dining table , TV rack , study table , or desk . As for other furniture such as a chair , armchair , dining chairs and more ideal if using a material with a layer of aluminum . Especially for sofa material design should also be considered . For this one skeleton furniture better use of wrought iron were then given pads of foam , and topped with a layer of synthetic leather .

there is 3 tips for design home.