Aug 07

Flower Decoration In The House Reduce Risk Of Depression

flowersPlacing flowers as decoration is not only beautify the room, but also improve mood. A study has found that a vase of fresh flowers in the home can make people more compassionate toward others, worry and anxiety is reduced and a smaller risk of developing depression.

The experts said, the flowers have a rapid effect in increasing the feeling of happiness. Studies conducted at Rutgers University, New Jersey, United also showed interest is driving a very strong positive emotions.

Living in a house with flowers in it also can increase energy, happiness and enthusiasm at work. When you start the day with a positive mood, you will also pass on the positive side of it to others both inside and outside the home.

If you want to add a positive aura in the house, you can put flowers in the kitchen, dining room, family room, balcony or other area where you spend the most time at home. Choose a vase that matches the size and shape of the flowers you want to display.

As reported by the Times of India, for flowers with long stems (such as a rose or sunflower), use a vase that is tall and slim. As for flowers stemmed round or have wide petals, use a smaller vase and a round shape to better show the beauty of flowers.

If you want to put various types of flowers in one place, use a large vase. But if you just want to put one or two flowers, just use a narrow vase with medium high.

No need to adjust the color of the flower with the theme of the room, because it is basically suitable flowers to beautify the place with any style. Just pay attention to placement, do not put flowers on the table already filled with picture frames and other displays, as it will reduce the beauty of flowers. You can put a vase of flowers in the corner of the staircase, a dining table or a corner of the room.