Nov 08

How To Make Ceiling House More Interesting And More Beautiful

The ceiling is indeed not become catch visual someone directly, in contrast with walls and floors that are more easily captured by the five senses of human vision. However, the actual limit is also part of a space that needs to be treated the same as the floor and the wall. The ceiling is also important to be processed so that it looks not monotonous.

The ceiling is treated not only will become more beautiful and unique, but also will reflect the character of the owner of the House, whether he was simply paying attention to the details or not. Further, the ceiling could also support a concept offered for these spaces. Then how do I manipulate the ceiling so that it looks not monotonous? These tips for making the ceiling beautiful.

1. Combine two material composition

Often we come across a plain ceiling and consists of a single material only. To give the impression of a more interesting, you can combine two different material composition for Your ceiling. For example the composition of wood with gypsum.

2. Have the roof structure

The roof structure is a buffer-a buffer to support the roof load from above. Usually, the roof structure is hidden and covered by a ceiling. In fact, if we could be more observant, exposed roof structure thus will be able to give the impression of aesthetic interest.

3. Set the ride – down ceiling

We can also set the ceiling like a staircase, i.e. have the Groove goes up – down. This concept is usually termed the drop ceiling. Here’s how simple once, namely by elevating or lowering some ceilings against one another.

4. Blend two colors composition

In addition to combining two materials composition, mixing two colors composition is also one form of treatment details of us against the ceiling. A mix of colors can be customized with the colors already present in the space to be more balanced.

5. Give the impression the focus

The impression is the focus of the first impression that people see. To make the ceiling features a special impression, things you need to do is provide a different treatment in the middle of the ceiling. Can be done by focusing on the difference in shapes and colors, as well as horizontal lines as if directing our eyes at this point in the middle of the ceiling.

6. Select the type of lamps are unique

If the ceiling was already plain and do not have to modify the shape or color, another way to make the ceiling not monotony is by selecting the shape of lights of different and unique. You can choose the form of the chandelier because of its more memorable contrasts with a flat ceiling.

7. Follow the slope of the roof ceiling Creations

The slope of the roof is often also covered by a flat ceiling. To give different impression forms the tilted roof could also be followed by the ceiling. The shape of the oblique indirectly will make space feel airy and spacious.

8. Wear the pattern grid

A grid pattern which is actually impressed monotony turns won’t felt monotonous if applied to the ceiling. Thus the grid pattern will look a good fit with the spaces that are usually a cube. This pattern is suitable for a minimalist space.

9. Processing techniques of lighting

Lighting technique is a technique of structuring of light in space. You can manipulate the arrangement of light in space as you want in order to make the ceiling look beautiful. Could be of different light colors, or a spread of a different light.

10. Wear different material types

If the ceiling is usually formed from material gypsum or plasterboard, you can better steer your mindset to start to turn to the other materials. For example, using a wood on the ceiling. The wood is suitable for a warm room ambiance and classic.

11. Give the paintings on the ceiling

For you who like pictures or wallpapers, you can also be installed on the ceiling. There is usually a manufacturer of the ceiling are indeed provide the pictures as wallpaper to be mounted on the ceiling. You could put up a picture of the painting the ceiling or other painting you want.

12. Form a circular or semi-circular

Pattern geometric circle if processed and applied to space will form a harmonization of interest. To make the circle shape looks good, you can cut a circle into a half circle, and unite them on the ceiling and walls.

13. Unite the ceiling with one piece of furniture

Space must have had one major piece of furniture which is highlighted. For example, in the bathroom, furniture popularized was the bathtub. Whereas, in the bedroom, furniture popularized was the bed. To make the ceiling more fused with space, you can combine one of the main pieces of furniture with the ceiling.

14. Allow incoming light from the ceiling

For some people, there is an abundance of light in the House is a must so that the House could be more bright and energy-saving electricity. To meet that need, the ceiling can also be made as a function of the window off.

15. Creates the impression of ethnic

The ethnic impression from a ceiling can also make a flat ceiling has more meaning. The impression this ethnic can be realized by giving the border on the ceiling with a certain ethnic.

16. Cultivate only certain parts in the ceiling

Not all parts of space should be treated the ceiling. For a more elegant, impressive ceiling treatment could be just focused on a specific part, such section or part of the corner spaces that will be filled by furniture and activity of the residents of his home. While the other is left flat ceiling.

17. Obscure the visual perception between ceiling and walls


Obscure the visual perception is one of the engineering design is rarely used. To impress a different ceiling, these design techniques can be used with visual perception of blurring between walls with the ceiling. The trick is to equate the material forming, paint color, or by forming the ceiling as if to blend with the wall.

18. Form a pattern of repetition

A pattern of repetition or repetition will form the characters visually elegant and beautiful. Especially if there are processing rose – down in the form of the reps. It will be an interesting thing that arises from the ceiling.

19. Give a clear gap between the walls with ceiling

Sometimes, in this space, there are people who want to separate the functions of each element of the space. For example, the element is to step on the floor, while elements of the ceiling are to be appointed. So there must be a clear gap between the floor ceiling. Then, a pause can be obtained by providing a separation between the floor with a ceiling. For example, by making the openings (Windows) which meets one of the side walls.

20. Cultivate the ceiling around the column structure

Sometimes there is a column structure (concrete pillars) that cannot be removed from a room. For the impressive form of the ceiling which is more interesting, parts of the ceiling around the columns of the structure can be processed with some sort of engineering.