Apr 27

Problem Types and causes damage to paint walls

WrinklingIf you have a house wall paint damage problems and want to fix it with the cost of home improvement is as efficient as possible, do not immediately call a handyman or home remodeling contractor, because you might actually be able to fix it yourself as long as you know the cause paint damage and how to repair the damage to paint the walls of your home .

10 Things That Cause Damage Wall Paint Your House you need to know :

1 . Paint bubbling or blistering ( Blistering )

Generally caused by moisture or humid air entering ( permeable ) of the outer wall or painting a rudimentary procedure , where the painting has been done before plastering or dry wall is not perfect ( still wet / damp ).

2 . Emergence of a fine powder ( calcification ) on the surface of the wall when touched ( chalking )

Errors caused by the use of wall paint that does not match its type , such as interior paint used on the exterior walls ( exterior ).

3 . Paint peeling and broke broke ( Flaking )

Caused by the surface of the wall containing the oil so that the paint can not stick to the wall perfectly . Other causes include old paint ( if not scraped and cleaned ) whitewash coat of paint is applied so just stick to the powders that arise as a result of calcification.

4 . Paint melt ( Sagging )

Paint walls melt ( down ) usually occurs in the vertical plane , caused by ;
• Paint the walls are too thick / too much
• The composition of the paint too watery solution
• Painting is done when moist
• Painting using a spray gun too close to the media of painting , so that the resulting paint is too thick
• The drying process is too fast , in which the surface of the first layer of paint dry ( due to exposure to direct sunlight ) while the inside is still wet / damp.

5 . Paint wrinkled ( Wrinkling )
Similar to the melted paint , wall paint wrinkled usually caused by too thick a coat of paint , repainting is too fast , and the drying process is too fast

6 . There are grooves or lines that are clearly visible ( Brush Mark )

This occurs because the solution used wall paint is too thick or not dissolve completely ( less mixing process ) . Other causes are painting using the paint brush bristles on the brush dirty or clumping.

7 . Difference paint color ( Different Color )

Different paint colors can be caused by differences in the time the painting is too much ( too long ) between the two fields coincide . In addition it could be due to less meticulous in choosing the color of paint , or paint has been contaminated and mixed with other substances to color slightly changed .

8 . Layer of paint is soft or sticky ( saponification )

A coat of paint is soft / sticky usually occurs in oil-based paint ( oil base / alkyd ) is applied to the surface of the concrete or stucco . The reason is the effect of chemical substances that are alkaline building materials such as cement with a combination of moisture .

9 . Shut power to the old paint is very low ( Poor Hiding )

The new paint is not able to cover the old paint well , this is caused by excessive dilution of the paint so that the color produced is rather transparent . It could also be caused by a new paint color used younger or too much contrast from the previous color .

10 . Dried Slow ( Slow Dried )

The paint is not dry yet perfect ( still sticky ) although has exceeded the normal drying time ( indicated on the packaging ) . This is because the painting is done in cold and humid conditions or as a layer of paint is too thick so long to dry .
That is some kind of problem and cause paint damage that often occurs in the wall of the building . Have you checked what kind of damage experienced by paint the walls of your home . And after knowing the type of paint damage and its cause, now is the time you figure out how to – how to repair damaged paint – your home and please try to fix it