Jul 16

Set up a good Home Lighting

lightning roomLighting in a home must be set properly if you want to get all the lighting is sufficient, in order for comfort in a House can be created how do I make it?, check out the following tips:

1. living room/family room

The Central lamp, or the lights are mounted on the ceiling in the middle of the room and combined with lights on the corner of the room is suitable for the living room or family room. Table lamp can also be an appropriate alternative. We recommend that you do not put too many lights, if you want to light up, make it a natural. For example, by placing large mirrors, which will help double the light from
the reflected light.

If you have a statue or painting, display show by mounting lights focus (generally mounted on the corners of the frame or just above the painting). Want a room look more fancy, use chandeliers with an orange light. Unnecessary lights with antique or vintage models. Customize with the overall interior design of the House.

2. the bedroom

The bedroom is the most private area in your home. This is where you and your family to rest and relax after a day of work. Make sure the lamp used is not too bright and dazzling. Mood-lighting that light can be arranged (Dim, bright, very bright light) is very

suitable for this area. Install additional lights as well, such as a table lamp or candle-shaped with a hood that can be turned on when you want warm, or romantic mood in the bedroom.

3. Kitchen

Bright light is suitable for kitchen, because this is an area where You must work the most important household tasks; cooking. You surely don’t want to finger knives sliced, cooked chicken or overcooked burnt when baked because the vision less clear due to the lack of lighting. Please choose a luminous white light of fluorescent bulbs. Place the lights under the cabinets also in order to facilitate your search for Cookware.

4. study room/work room

As well as a kitchen, study room or workspace also must have bright light. In fact it is recommended you place a table lamp to help eyesight.