Jul 14

The Colors of the Room that can make you more Creative and Clever

colorWall color, including room or rooms in it, not only can affect the mood of its inhabitants. Within certain limits, the color can also increase your positive personal, including making you feel more creative and smarter. Do not believe? Try just decorate your home with these colors.

Remember, the term helps you smarter and more creative compared only with your own condition before using this color. Because the play here is the atmosphere, which recorded the brain, then the brain ruled parts of our body to be more creative and smarter.

1. Purple

Purple, as you know, is a mixture of red and blue. This color was named the Color of the Year for 2014. Yeah, purple is the color trends of 2014.

Radiant Orchid, which is purple with pink palette, predicted to be seen in a variety of home decorating and design products. In addition to following the latest trends, home decorating with color can also stimulate the imagination and help increase your creativity.

2. Blue light

The color blue has a calming effect. The colors are inspired by the water can also help find your inner zen element, which we will make much easier in improving labor productivity.

That is why, many companies are taking a light blue color for office uniform employee or employees. This color is also suitable to be applied to the workplace or office space.

3. Green

The green color symbolizes growth, renewal, wealth, and prosperity. This color can also increase optimism and has a calming the mind, so that you can better focus at work.

4. Chocolate

Brown implies practicality and comfort. Neutral and natural colors can be combined with a variety of accessories and furniture colors.

You can freely decorate the house with any style, because the brown walls can still customize it.

Brown color flexible nature also allows you to develop creativity in the arrangement of the house and a variety of other creative activities.

5. Black

Dark and mysterious. Neutral colors besides brown symbolizes power. The use of black is usually avoided in large quantities in the interior design, as it tends to lead to depressed mood.

But if the right application, black can also make the room look sexy and sophisticated. You can make it just as an accent color on the walls, the color of furniture or decoration on rugs and decorative pillows.

6. Orange

Warm orange color that can increase positive thinking, socialization, and cheerfulness. In children, this color can make them easier to respond when given stimulation.

Orange palette, either bright, dark or pastel, suitable to be applied to the play room, child’s bedroom and office.