Jul 10

This is 9 Small Room Decoration Tips

The Cozy Family Room DesignThis is 9 Tips Small Room Decoration. When designing the interior of the house, you must be wondering how to decorate a small room. The room was small and cramped really just need decorated correctly in order to function properly, and of course look bigger than its actual size.

1. Restrict the furniture in the room. Try putting small furniture, for example, select a smaller chair than a sofa. This is because only large furniture will make the room look smaller.

2. Ensure major furniture or furniture that attracts most of the attention has solid color or subtle pattern. Avoid furniture with a bold pattern.

3. Use patterns separately in a small area. Avoid putting furniture-furniture patterned in some places, because it will make the room look crowded and increasingly narrow. You can use patterned furniture such as pillows, rugs, carpets, or wall paper. All you need to remember, choose a pattern that is simple and small, for example the small floral print, rather than a pattern with big flowers are dramatic.

4. Hanging mirrors of any size in the wall. Mirror perhaps the easiest way to make the room look bigger instantly become.

5. Paint the walls with a solid color or you can combine the two to create a matching color paint another than others. If you want to put up wall paper, choose a solid color or a pattern that has a smooth and simple.

6. Use cool colors such as blue, violet or green on the walls of the room to give the effect of a larger space. However, if you want warm colors, you can paint the walls with neutral colors through a touch of cool colors. For example, you can use the color white with a touch of blue or cream color with a touch of green.

7. If there is no window in the room, place the painting with interesting images to create the atmosphere of a windowless room.

8. Sure keep furniture neatly organized. Keep small items that are not needed in the drawer or shelf so that no scattered and so the room looks more airy and spacious.

9. Thinking vertically. This effort means using high furniture like a bookcase or cabinet to give effect to the high ceilings. Place a decorative accent is also on the furniture-high furniture, like the color green that serves draw the eye upward. Additionally, you can put a long curtain from the ceiling that reaches to the floor.