Apr 08

Tips For The Cozy Family Room Design

The Cozy Family Room DesignFor the comfort of the perfect home , the arrangement of the living room should not escape the attention . As we know the living room is a special area where the gathering place for the whole family , this place is usually where all residents mingle after a day of running activity . For the design of the comfortable family room is needed to maintain the atmosphere of intimacy , for example with an attractive gloss colors on the walls as well as the selection of furniture that is clever . In other words, a perfect family room we can get from combining function , style , and comfort of the living room itself.

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Balance family hospitality and the beauty we can get from some combination of colors and patterns that exist in the design of a comfortable family room . Generally light colors so favored of all family members , especially children so often makes the family room as a space for their favorites . To give the impression of a tasteful space , there is no harm in trying the combination pattern of the types of outdoor fabrics are practical and durable , and washable slipcovers .

The family room was designed to be more open if it could improve the atmosphere of togetherness in the family . The room can function optimally diruangannya where father works , mother cooking in the kitchen , while the kids do their homework in the living room . Function spaces in different areas is more ideal if ‘ united ‘ with the same color polish to the overall space . But applied to furniture , of course be adapted to the activity zone .

Furniture that should not escape the attention to the design of the living room is the sofa . Different from the living room sofa , sofa for the family room should put a little more cushion . With more cushion allows for each member of the family to relax with the position they want , for example, chat while sitting or watching TV while lying on the floor .

For those who prefer the classic shades family room design , choice of wood flooring might be able to give the look a more beautiful space even though the floor of the wood is not the right choice . However, if this should be selected , coat the floor with carpet , especially in the main zone of the living room , while another section , let the wood floor shining around the room naturally . Carpets should not be arbitrarily chosen , which means the carpet look soft texture and comfortable to the touch . This is to keep the child’s skin is generally sensitive and prone to irritation .
Bringing nature-themed outdoor shades like fluttering birds , trees , or flowers that bloom is a wise choice for the theme of the living room . To apply a background of blue sky on the walls , decorated with flowers or foliage motifs . To reinforce the theme of place shaped furniture colorful ceramic bird on the shelf or a small buffet . And lastly , perfected design a comfortable living room with a dish of sorbet with a rainbow of colors , so the feel of a loving family room can be emphasized .