Mar 29

Bali Relief In A Beautiful Garden

balireliefThis park using a small land and not widespread. Even so it looks very beautiful and do not give the impression that a narrow and are not relieved. Since this type of ornamental plants used only a few. But it still looks cool garden with plants, vines that grow attached to the wall.

Although not close all the parts, but the vines are the most important part of creating the character of the park that cold but still fresh. Moreover walls abut raises the gray color the which is the result of a mixture of sand and cement, coupled with the moss that grows in several places on the wall. Impression naturally present in this place.

Besides vines, another most interesting part of this park is a Balinese-style stone reliefs are placed on one side of the wall in the middle. Bali pretty stone reliefs in this beautiful park depict two women in traditional dress was taking water in a shower using a small barrel. The showers are in the open with a background very beautiful Balinese gate.

Material to make it is a natural stone yellowish white color like ivory, makes the appearance looks very striking and Able to be a point of view or the main attraction. This is a bit unique, Because The park is usually always using ornamental plants as the main element.

Stone taken from the chalk hills is then formed into a flat rectangular box. Further relief carvings made with high accuracy. This can be seen with ornament very detailed, clear and complete. The face or the face of the woman is Able to describe a face carved Balinese woman expressive and very distinctive.

The other side is no less interesting is the soil surface is not covered with grass plants, but small stones or gravel wearing black. Use this stone is actually Also has the same function as the grass plants despite a very different look and produce another impression.

Not unlike the grass, gravel can also be used as a medium to create a better water absorption system. When it rains, the water that falls will not flow Directly, but into the soil through cracks in the gravel. Especially if there are underlying soil is soft and contains a lot of sand, then the water can penetrate more.

The middle part of the stretch of gravel, made a bright white color box used as a footpath. Box this path there are four in number and how the laying of using systems that are not parallel. The first box position slightly to the right, two boxes in the middle of the box a little to the left and the fourth is at the leftmost position.

Furthermore, on the edge, given the number of plants that are not so much. A tree with a rather large size and high placed on the corner. In These places there is also a pot of clay, but has the look is quite striking Because The existing surface on top covered with small white stones. In order to look more eccentric, in the next pot is constructed of stone that is larger than gravel.

Another thing that makes this park look more beautiful and wonderful is the use of another type of fern plants are placed on the side wall. Leaf width and length of the fern, it makes the walls look very beautiful appearance.

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