Oct 24

Benefits Minimalist Balcony Beauty To Home With 2 Floors

The house was already like a palace for all owners. A beautiful house and a comfortable course, there are some motivating factors for a room. And this time there was a balcony which made for a relaxing place. However, it’s located on the 2nd floor and to the designs are made with a variety of sizes ranging from size 2 to 4 × 6 × 6.balcony10

If you want to make a lovely balcony to where you relax, of course you should be able to measure in advance and also the initial arrangement. The balcony was very fitting for the place where you can relax with family and friends. In addition, you can also make a balcony bed while.

In its functions, the balcony is indeed important enough to House 2 floors, of the functions of a balcony, among others, are as follows:


1. Balconies extend the living space.

This is because it is stuck to the wall directly next to the space on the top floor, so as to save the land, because the harness side of the wall. Especially if it is on the 2nd floor, for example, there is a bedroom that limited extent, it can be expanded by adding a balcony either on the side of the room, the front of the room and connected directly out living room and bedroom on the upper floor, adjust depending on the location and layout in the bedroom of the Minimalist design beautiful balcony to house two floors as shown below:

2. As a place to relax at home with a wonderful view wider.balcony8

Balconies are located on the 2nd floor of course with the purpose of the house owner can see the view or the view from the top is not unlimited. Making it more comfortable and relax while relaxing on the balcony.

3. Functions as a confirmation balcony floor level.

The house with two floors or more will be obvious per each floor with a view of its position outside the top floor balcony. So that each floor level of the house look more assertive with their balcony.

4. Beautify the appearance of the facade.balcony7

Exterior or facade from every corner of the House is obligated to note. By adding a balcony on the 2nd floor of the House will give the impression of more beautiful and beautify the outside walls of the House upstairs.

5. Adding a high value on design.balcony5

Each house has a different design value, balcony minimalist in your home will certainly add value to your home design. Especially minimalist design is simple and modern.

6. As the Revealer of the tastes of the owner of the house.

In addition to the design value, the balcony at home also gives the expression of the taste of home owners, by looking at the color of paint, decorations, and styles from the balcony outside the home.

7. Reduce the impact of weather and climate.balcony4

In the rainy season as well as heat, balcony design with indented out wall, leaves room underneath, then became the patron of existing spaces underneath from the scorching heat of the Sun or rain.

8. As a differentiator and a marker.balcony1

If Your House is located in a complex composition, then every balcony is not the same, and is a differentiator because every house style design from the balcony.

9. The house looks more dynamic.balcony2

In addition, to add to the comfort of your home, the balcony will show a dynamic impression of the outside of the house.

10. Gives the impression of living on the wall.

With their beautifully decorated balconies, the wall you seem more vibrant and colorful.


Similarly, some of the benefits of minimalist design beautiful balcony to house two floors, and a few tips from this article some of them; choose a balcony minimalist design suitable type of house, needs, and activities at home. Perform maintenance futures on the balcony and gave the impression of pulling on your balcony, so as to maximize the benefits and functionality of the balcony. Personalize your home balcony railing, could with iron fences, walls, or glass, make a small garden on your balcony to make the atmosphere more fresh, add accessories such as hanging plants, natural rocks and pretty flowers on the balcony of the house.