Sep 09

Choosing The Right Sink Design For Bathroom

The sink in the bathroom may be seen as a bagatelle for you. But, from the things that are trivial thought this problem could arise. You would not know just how simple things can cause minor problems that turned out to be enough to grip. Let’s choose a bathroom sink that fits the needs and conditions of our everyday.

1. The sink with or without drawers

The sink with or without drawers1 The sink with or without drawers2

Sink with drawers allow you to put the purposes of toiletries, such as soap, toothpaste, and towel. Unfortunately, it is not suitable to put the sink in the bathroom was cramped. Moreover, if the drawer is not made of material that is waterproof. Splashes of water will damage the drawer.

2. High or low sink

High or low sink1 High or low sink2

That is, there is a sink whose surface is higher or lower than the sink counter. A sink with a higher surface will slightly hamper cleanup activities. Sink lower while relatively easier and quicker to clean, because dirt wiped, it is not blocked and can directly get in the sink. Unfortunately, under the table type that can only be used if the counter material made of solid materials such as concrete cast, not the ordinary lamination.

3. Wall-Mounted Sink

Wall-Mounted Sink

The sink is directly attached to the wall without supporting leg, a desk, and a water pipe is usually hidden behind a wall. The interface is very minimalist and elegant. Unfortunately, the sink does not have the storage space. A place to put soap or toothpaste on either side were limited.

4. Sink with column buffer

Sink with column buffer

The sink looks very classic and appropriate for the vintage home design. There are support columns at the bottom to cover water pipes. Unfortunately, this type of sink makes you do not have storage space underneath and relatively difficult to clean, because there is a gap between the columns and the wall.

5. The super slim sink

The super slim sink 1 The super slim sink

There is also a sink that has a concave very thin like this, even almost no basin. It’s very minimalist and stylish indeed. However, there is no place to store the water. The price is relatively more expensive.

6. The sink like a bowls

The sink bowls

The sink is shaped like a bowl or cup, and put on the table. The design is so attracted attention and can hold a lot of water. Suitable for you who love to soak in water for a face wash.