Mar 17

Creating Garden Chair from the Wheels CART

wood furnitureIf observed carefully, it turns a wheel that is used to run a horse-drawn carriage had a very specific look and interesting. Moreover, if the wheel is made of large wood material and have a large circle of diameter size anyway. Then the shape will look more beautiful and gorgeous.

A very charming train wheels could be used to make a piece of furniture to another element, such as lawn chairs. An example of this is a very unique idea can be seen in the picture. The wheel placed behind the seats and functioned as a medium for the backrest. And because the wheels have a large size, then the lawn chairs that are made can also use longer size and can be used as seating for two people at once.

The seats also have a very interesting look, is divided into two parts. Each form the arch down. While at the Center, there is a field that its function is to give some sort of spaces or places for the axle flange stands out.

That is very interesting is, this field using wood logs are cut in whole or in part, so that the field edges become flat. Then at the bottom is used to put the construction is next to the left and right. Construction on this front and back, then connect with large wooden construction and was also fused with the feet.

The legs also have a display that is not less interesting. Semicircular both ends touching the ground. While the top or back was merged with another element which serves as an armrest.

Armrest also uses wood which is still intact but in a smaller size. The shape is not straight, but slightly curved form firmly irregular. It thus makes the Chair look more unique and beautiful. While the use of woody stems intact, are capable of eliciting a strong and powerful impression.

How to make lawn chairs from the chariot wheels like this indeed is a job that is not so difficult to do. But there is one thing that must be considered carefully. The installation technique or the placement of the vehicle. Carefully estimate the position back when there are people who are sitting in this Chair. Does he look comfortable or not.

If she looks uncomfortable on the back, meaning the way the wheel can be sure it doesn’t go wrong. The main cause is due to the arrangement of the wood have a function as the spokes of the wheel and position of the backrest is not exactly located in the backbone of the person sitting.

That’s why before installing, make sure the wheel spokes on the right position. So when used as a backrest, should be able to engender a sense of comfort for its users. Similarly with the two armrests that sits at the left and right side. Especially if you’re using woody stems that arch is formed naturally.

Then to the materials used, choose the type of wood that can be used in outer space and not easy to change shape even though the weather is often cold or rain, changing and heat.

Next to bring up the impression that more beautiful, this Chair can be equipped with an ornamental plant decoration such as placed in a pot and placed on the left or right side of the seat. To produce a more unified impression, the pots should also be made of wood.