Oct 26

Design Wall Shelf Minimalist Living Room

wall shelf

The living room is part of the room inside the house is the main and the first place used to receive guests so it is important to pay attention to the condition of neatness and comfort in the living room so that anyone who is in the living room you do not easily bored. Many ideas you can do to make the living room become more interesting and pleasing to the eye, one of them by designing your living room. Especially for those of you who have a living room that is not too large, would be very difficult to design. For the concept of the living room is not too broad, you can use the concept of a minimalist living room. You can start designing it by providing a bright background color, using wallpaper or mural, or adding a little decoration on the walls of your living room.

Beautify and beautify the look of your living room not only can you do by putting various kinds of knick-knacks or display. You can also use wall shelves or storage racks that will be combined with other items or displays that can make the living room look more attractive.

In addition to making the living room more interesting course will make the living room look more tidy and clean. But the placement of wall shelves in the living room also has many functions, among others:

  • Of course, the function of the minimalist living room wall rack is the main storage medium for your goods. Wall racks become ideal storage for your living room that is not too wide. In addition, using a wall shelf will certainly protect your goods from the risk of damage caused by trampled or other.
  • Storage racks or wall shelves certainly have a function to store goods so that your room becomes tidier. By adding modern minimalist living room wall shelves can certainly make the order of your goods to be neater as books, newspaper, Magazine, DVD, and others. with a neat appearance will certainly make your living room look more beautiful and attractive.
  • Minimalist living room wall model can also be used as one of your guest room decoration. Its minimalist design will not make your living room look full. You can focus your accessories on only one part of the room. Surely the existence of this wall shelf can make your room look more attractive.


Well if you are interested to put a wall shelf in your living room, here are some tips on choosing and put the right minimalist living room wall shelf:

  • Be sure to choose the design of your minimalist living room rack in accordance with the needs of your living room.
  • Choose a unique and attractive design that can make your living room look attractive when viewed.
  • Do not forget to choose the right color rack wall of the living room minimalist. Color selection should not be ignored as it may affect the look of your living room. Should choose the color of your wall space tau rack that matches the color of the walls in your living room.
  • Don’t forget also the position placement of your living room wall shelf. Be sure to choose the right location so that its view does not interfere with your activity in the living room.

Here are some examples of wall shelf models in a minimalist living room:

wall shelf wall shelfwall shelf wall shelf wall shelf wall shelf