Apr 24

Hanging Decorative Lighting Minimalist Living Room

hanginglightWhen talking about interior design living room, then we talk about the comfort of the guests. To support this, the living room paint color combination is a very important factor. But you also should not forget the other factors, namely lighting. Adequate lighting will make your living room will look more spacious and comfortable.

Lighting equipment commonly used of course is light. If you want a nice living room design and attractive in terms of lighting, the decorative lights are a must have in the living room. You can use decorative lights hanging minimalist to accompany the main light associated with the ceiling of the house.

Prices decorative hanging lamps that require quite a lot of costs, make some people make their own handmade decorative lights. They use the materials unused former as of bottles for example. With creative ideas, bottles that are generally less useful, transformed into an attractive decorative light hanging in the living room.
Some are made of decorative lights of ice cream sticks. Popsicle sticks are thrown away when the ice cream is up, it can also be used as decorative lights. When the main light is turned off and decorative lighting of ice cream sticks lit, it will look pretty good view. This type of decorative lights can also be used as a unique lamp to study or as lighting when reading.

Decorative lights from ice cream sticks can also be used as decorative lights hanging parlor. By providing interfaces such as a rope or wire, you can hang a decorative lamp of ice cream sticks is on the wall or ceiling of the living room to accompany the main lamp lighting equipment.

decorative light from icecream sticksdecorativelightdecorativelight1







decorativelight2decorative light from botoldecorative light from wood








If you want to buy or make your own decorative lighting for your living room design, the following are samples of decorative lighting design drawings hanging model and other models. Hopefully these pictures can be useful for you as an idea to choose what kind of decorative lighting will be placed in a minimalist living room you have.