Jul 08

Have a Small Kitchen? Follow 11 Step To Make Your Kitchen looked Greater

small kitchenGot a Confined Kitchen? Looks Wider order outsmart With 11 Tips Here. Not happy little family gathered in the kitchen to do activities together such as cooking. The size of the tiny kitchen was often an obstacle because it was not convenient to get together.

But with a few tricks, you can narrow kitchen transformed into a noticeably wider. So how? The following tips can help you.

1. The Right Storage

To narrow kitchen, which has plenty of shelf cabinet with doors that can be drawn can be an option. When not in use the cabinet door can be pushed back so that the room in addition to saving space, the stored food material is also more hygienic than dust and dirt.

2. Modification Cabinet

Modification of your old cabinet that all the parts are made of wood into detail on the door glass, the glass can you stick on top of wooden doors and replace them as a whole. Glass makes the room appear more spacious effect.

3. Lighting is Right

Light leading to the kitchen table to make the whole kitchen look more spacious. In addition, use bright colors when decorating your kitchen.

4. The Cabinet Height

Cabinet with height kitchen ceiling can load a lot of your kitchen appliances to make the kitchen without being cramped because of its width. Place the kitchen appliances are often used at the bottom of the rack cabinet so easily accessible while kitchen appliances like your collection of dishes that are rarely used at the top of the cabinet.

5. Sights Outdoor

Make a large kitchen window directly overlooking the outside of the house so you can enjoy the view while cooking. In addition to fun, this trick can make your small kitchen seem more spacious.

6. Reducing Kitchen Appliances

Cramped kitchen is usually messy because many unused equipment piled up in the kitchen. For that, get rid of kitchen appliances that are not used anymore in a way to give it to someone in need or sold back to the kitchen you become more widespread.

7. Waking room Eat

Some kitchens narrowed because the location of the dining table inside the kitchen. For that, create a special room to separate the dining room. In addition to the dining room, the room should also be equipped with a cabinet to store seldom-used kitchen appliances for the kitchen is becoming more widespread.

8. Drawer Storage

Keep kitchen appliances and utensils that have been washed in storage drawer that is located near the sink. If your kitchen sink is not equipped with storage drawers around it, you can easily search the storage drawer in a shop selling household appliances.

9. Empty Kitchen Table

The kitchen appliances were placed on the kitchen table can make the kitchen become narrower. To that end, place a microwave, toaster, can opener, and spices shelf under the kitchen table.

10. Walls Open

If your dining table adjacent to the kitchen, consider separating the wall open. In addition to making the room appear more spacious, open walls can allow you to move the dish or equipment from the kitchen to the dining table.

11. Build Open Shelving

Make open shelf on the wall to display a collection of plates, glasses, and your teapot colorful. The bright colors can make a small kitchen seem more spacious. If you do not want to create a new rack, you can remove the cover of your cabinet doors and paint the inside with bright colors so the kitchen feel more open.