Nov 09

Home Interior Inspiration To New Couples Got Married

Are you already bored with the style of your home and want to replace it with a new model? Or you a new Couple who just got married and wants to build a dream house? Lots of style choices to design a House that could be your inspiration! Here tips the interior style trends from

1. Bohemian.

BohemianBohemian style more visible irregular and leads to a free personality. Bohemian is usually contrasted to mix and match a various colors and motifs from everyday items such as a jar, paper craft, bottle, cloth, trinkets that are styled so that it has a value of aesthetically. This style is more concerned with the mix of colors and has a lot of motifs.

2. Classic.

ClassicClassic style is very close to the high-value works, so it has a graceful and luxurious impression. Usually using furniture made of wood or marble. Many elements of the carved floral curtains, luxurious thick or large vase used to decorate the room.

3. Eclectic.

EclekticThis style combines the best elements of many styles. Many games mix and match the color and pattern used for the eclectic home interior. The furnishings have ethnic elements serve as a point of view, such as a colorful ball jar at the corner of the room. The ethnic elements can be obtained by selection of trinkets or traditional furniture.

4. Industrial.

IndustrialFilled with a wide variety of forms of industrial buildings, the style texture usually has a high ceiling This style is widely used for cafe or Office. Identical to the use of the material is colored gold and copper, brick walls, cement floor using raw materials that impressed but still edgy.

5. Morocco.

MarokoThe element used as the Moroccan style is very varied. Tower-shaped building, the use of colorful mosaic tiles, curved and tapered architecture is a typical Moroccan style. Bright colors, intricate geometric patterns, the use of luxury carpet, carpet-to lights and luxurious benches are also widely used.

6. Nautical.

nauticalNautical style or coastal latched onto the beach. Coastal elements such as sand, surf, and Sun is used as inspiration for this design. Many use stripes motif, material, colors white and blue be the uniqueness of nautical style. You will feel relaxed, like being on the coast.

7. Rustic.

RusticRustic style mostly focuses on the impression of natural and original material not finishing. So closely linked to nature, usually using materials of wood, stone, and metal. The walls using rocks or have a strong texture. The accessories used are typically made from natural cotton fabrics, such as wood, linen, wool, and leather.


8. The Scandinavian.


Casual, simple and charming. Scandinavian style so popular at the present time. This style much wears neutral colors like gray, black and white. Usually, a large glass Windows became the main source of light from this House. Scandinavian also often using natural wood and plant life.


9. Vintage.

VintageVintage style vintage furniture use most aged decades. The vintage-style house usually filled the collection of antiques such as vases, cups or crate that classic look. Its furnishings also use rattan chairs, teak tables, antique jewelry or anything that is old stuff.