Sep 05

How to Clean Shower so as not Crusty and Stuffy

showerShower is a major component in the bathroom. Its presence in the water bath replaces the conventional bathroom. Bathroom with shower is considered more healthy, because the water cannot be accommodated in the tub long, so no moss and inhabited by mosquito larvae. Flowing water is also cleaner than the old deposited.

Unfortunately, the shower, which has long been used will cause the crust that is difficult to clean. This crust also makes shower clogged so the water does not flow smoothly. You also experience? Try some easy ways below.


Step I: Cleaned with brush

  • The first way is the simplest, that is by just brushing the tip or nozzle section (holes), while getting a massage with the fingertips. This way is not necessarily successful if crust contains chlorine and attached firmly on the nozzle.


Step II: Vinegar  Masks

  • Enter the vinegar into the plastic rather large.
  • Fasten the plastic to the shower head. Make sure the knot tight.
  • Leave for 1-2 hours so pervasive vinegar and scrape dirt on the nozzle.
  • Only then wipe with a clean cloth.


Step III: Heated Vinegar

If the 2nd way is rather difficult to do the vinegar and water keeps coming out of the plastic mask, means you need to take off the shower head.

  • Rotate counter-clockwise until the shower head regardless.
  • Prepare vinegar in saucepan large enough to soak the shower head.
  • Insert the head of the shower until it submerged.
  • Reheat on the stove over low heat until the shower head is raised to the surface of the vinegar.
  • Brush the crust started to flake with a brush.
  • Soak and rinse with clean water.
  • Plug it back into the shower pipe.

Do not forget to clean the filter. Filter is a piece that serves to filter the water is still dirty. Usually the filter is located between the shower head with a pipe. See instructions on how to remove the packaging, then remove the filter properly. Also soak in vinegar heated, then brush and rinse with clean water.

If you are not sure to boil the vinegar on the stove, just soak the shower head and filter overnight. In the next morning, the dirt will peel. You just brush and rinse with clean water.

Besides vinegar, a liquid that can be used is soda and lemon juice. How to use it together with the instructions above. For the lemon juice can be added to or diluted with clean water.