Sep 08

How To Create a Healthy Bathroom?

clean bathroomWhere’s your bathroom? Typically, there is a bathroom in the back, close to the dirty kitchen, in the corner of a dark, humid and stuffy. This is why the bathroom is often synonymous with a sinister impression. The condition also creates an unhealthy place for the residents of the house. In order for your bathroom healthy, follow the instructions for the design and maintenance of the bathroom below.


A healthy material would minimize the amount of dirty air and reproduction of bad bacteria. Choose flooring materials and paints are good for health, does not contain harmful chemicals.

Proper installation

If the floor and wall tiles are installed correctly, then the water will not seep, the walls will not feel damp and mildew are not easy to grow. The number of bacteria in the bathroom, which is also much less dry and the worms will be difficult to get into the bathroom.

Immediately improve if the tiles are cracked or seen no seepage of water in the walls and floor. Use waterproofing products to prevent water from seeping.

Create a window

The bathroom is indeed the most private area. However, this room needs a window to remove odors and replace dirty air with fresh air. Put a window at the top to facilitate air circulation. Make sure the windows can be opened wide.


The windows were installed will not work optimally if the location of the bathroom was not overlooking the courtyard or the area outside the house is roomy. Thus, the design of your home in order to have a bathroom facing the courtyard.


The fan or blower serves to remove the air dirty, especially if your bathroom is in the middle of building a house. Choose a quality fan with proper installation, so that it can replace dirty air to clean air from outside the house. Do not let the fan rotate only air or replace dirty air with air from the attic.


Apart from having to get enough air, the shower also has to have that much exposure. With so bacteria like a dark room can not grow and proliferate. In addition to the window, add lighting with LED lights for nighttime and transparent tiles.


Wherever possible use a cleanser with natural ingredients such as vinegar, baking soda or lemon water. The use of chemicals, especially with hazardous chemical substances in large quantities can make skin irritation. In addition, chemicals can damage the lining of the bathroom so the walls and floor, and water eroded easily absorbed. Causing leakage, damp walls, and quickly covered with fungus.