Oct 14

How to Easily Organize Your Tools in a Small Kitchen


For housewives, having a small kitchen is a dilemma. In addition to limited space, the kitchen is also not possible to store many kitchen utensils. As a result, the ease of reaching kitchen utensils while cooking becomes very inconvenient.

Here is one trick to get around your small kitchen to order neatly, making it easier for you to move maximally in your small kitchen. 

The key to getting around the kitchen is putting all the commonly used equipment in one place. Also, provide a neat arrangement for the kitchen does not look more narrow. In addition, do not forget to always clean the equipment. Here are some creations that you can try to organize the equipment in your small kitchen.

1. Hang on the wall

Put the kitchen equipment on the floor, will instead need more space. Siasati by installing the hangers in the shape of the letter “S” then put some kitchen equipment on the hanger. Besides being easy to reach, it does not take up much space.

2. Rows of knives

If you have several drawers in the kitchen, give them special places for knives and spoons. Simply ejected when you need it, so the small kitchen arranged more neatly.

3. Wooden Hangers

This trick you can use to organize some small kitchen utensils like some funny cups look more attractive in the kitchen that tends to be small. Put a wooden hanger in the area of ​​the wall that is wide enough, then the cup according to the group.

4. Wardrobe

For some common and easy-to-hold kitchen utensils such as plates and bowls, they can be stored in a wall-mounted cabinet. It is very telling to reduce the use of more space.

5. Assign equipment

Always make a group of things look more organized. Do not mix between large and small plates because it will worsen the look of the kitchen and make the room look messy.