Oct 13

How To Set Up A Small Living Room

There are several ways that must be considered in designing or arranging a small living room to make it look more spacious and comfortable. As we set the table, chairs, and other decoration. In our design and decorate the living room, there are things you should consider as you pick and choose what color you want to use for the color paint the living room wall, chair and coffee table, and some decorations that will be attached to the living room for example, photographs, drawing calligraphy, calendars and clocks.How To Set Up A Small Living Room1

Well, we just discussed how to organize a small living room with some decorating to do.

Maximize Your room

How To Set Up A Small Living Room4

This method aims to make the room quite cramped into a room that was large and very minimalist. After that you try to reduce some of the household items that are no use as furniture or chairs that have been unsuitable, because the living room is a minimalist living room a bit of furniture. With you reduce household items that are not feasible to be used, it will create the atmosphere of a spacious living room and minimalist.

Choosing A Colors For The Living Room Furniture

How To Set Up A Small Living Room2

To choose the color of the living room furniture, we encourage you to buy the furniture that has harmonious colors and minimalist shapes. If you are confused to choose any color for your furniture, we suggest you to choose the color of the colored wooden furniture or brown color. Both of these colors will create the atmosphere of a living room beautiful and natural.

Wall Decoration Living Room

How To Set Up A Small Living Room3

This step is also called the “simple decorations” in your living room, because this step only provides wall decorations simple and minimalist, because basically is to minimize items that are not needed. One way is to put the wall decorations such as paintings, clocks, and calligraphy, it is a very simple way, but it will look very beautiful when you apply in your living room.