Oct 09

Increasing Passion of Love In Bedroom Through Blend Color

Due to being too tired after work and journey home jam, sometimes you no longer have time to make out with a partner. Seeing the bed feels like to immediately rest and continue to sleep less.

Actually not always the body’s metabolism or physical condition that makes your passions seem to decrease. Home conditions can make you less enthusiasm to make out with a partner.

To fix this, try to take advantage of some of the following colors in your home decor so that your passion back burning.



According to the Edinburgh Sleep Center study, very soft beige or light brown will increase the hormone endorphins that add comfort, including stimulating the desire to be close to the couple.

Because this color reminds you of the sweet chocolate so that you also share the comfort that food generated.

No need to make the entire color of your house or room with beige colors, but apply in some places only. You can use it for room curtains or one of the walls of the room.


purple bedroom

Especially purple, because this color will make you or your partner more beautiful and look fresher. Purple color also cools the eyes and soothes the stress, so you become more relaxed and want to spend longer with your partner.

Purple color can also be applied to pillowcases or simply put rugs or small carpets beside the bed. Do not forget to equip with air freshener or aroma of lavender therapy to make the atmosphere more perfect.


red bedroom

It’s no secret if the red color provokes passion. Because red raises your passion. Not only more interesting if used for the color of nightwear such as lingerie, but the red color you can use to beautify the room or house.

For example, a red sofa that will be the center of attention, even invite you to make love there. Apply also red color around the bed, such as beautify the reading table with red roses, or add a pillow on the red bed.

Light blue

Light blue bedroom

Blue color gives the impression of masculine as well as cute but soothing. Usually, women will be more impressed with the man who uses blue accents on one of the fashion items he wore.

The blue color of the room or home decoration gives the impression of cool, masculine while reminding you of a comfortable beach. Apply blue color may be blue-patterned-on sheets or bedcovers.


Who says white gives the impression of monotonous. Precisely white color makes you want to explore it further. Use white for sheets, or add a mosquito net over the bed, or use white for a soft carpet.

Seeing a clean white color comfortable makes you want to hug your partner immediately.