Jun 19

Kitchen Interior Design Tips And Simple Dining Room

If you have a home with limited land and want to have the dining room for the family, then there is no harm if you create a design concept kitchen and open dining room is simple (minimalist) so one. Of course, this can save land.

Hygiene should be maintained in the kitchen and dining room so one

Kitchen and dining room are Often made into one, because of factors other than inadequate land area, there are Also the opinion so as not to elaborate and far in preparing everything. Whatever your reason in making the kitchen and dining room open so one aspect of cleanliness is the most important thing. Why? It is to give your appetite and hygienic in eating your food. You certainly do not want to eat dirt, greasy kitchen place, right?

Kitchen Interior Design Tips And Simple Dining Room

Here we will give you some tips to Reviews those of you who want to the make the kitchen design minimalist dining room and so one.

1. Use Colors that are Similar Between the kitchen and dining room


Kitchen design and Minimalist dining room this is a modest first thing first! If you want a kitchen with dining room using the concepts of open, then the first thing you do is create the colors that are Similar Your between kitchen and dining area. This is done to give the impression that feels more unified and open with one another.

2. Use Long Benches For your dining room


If you like things that are different, then there is no harm if you are using a long bench with picnic style used in your dining room. In addition, due to the ease of sitting for many people, using bench length Also Provides convenience in dealing with it. If you are not using the bench, then stay the course the input bench under the table.

3, separate kitchen and dining room area, but still Impressed Blends


Then you have one large room that blends between the kitchen and the dining room, you can separate the both of them but still have the impression. By doing this, you can avoid the impression of clutter and complication.

4. The use Island Table


You can use Island table set in your pantry for use as a dining room. To add to the impression of a minimalist, you can use the bar stool seating aka bar.

In the article this time around, we do not just give a few tips in You build a kitchen design and minimalist dining room. But we will Also meet the imagination to inspire you with the present, some design picture kitchen and dining room.

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