Mar 26

Making Underground Space Access Door

UndergroundThe basement is usually used to store various items and furniture that are not used or rarely used. So the zoom is usually made with simple shapes without regard to the clear design concept.

However, especially for doors or access to enter it remains to be laid out properly. Even if deemed Necessary, display the basement IS ALSO well laid out, not much different from the display space located at the top.

Especially if the door is located in a room or a place Easily visible. Then zoom should really get attention so as not to spoil the beauty and views and interior space. So the access door to the basement could be used as a medium to Enhance the appearance of space.

The trick is to the make the shape door design can be integrated with the floor where the door is located. Ingredients to make it Able to use wood, metal or glass and are colored in harmony with the color of the floor.

Position the door in a place Easily visible, so that could be a plus for the beauty of the interior space. While the lid open system can use two ways: by sliding or lifted up. While the number of door leaf there are two option items, namely single and double leaf doors.

In order to display a section in the basement, at the door on the way open with the system removed, can be a tool holder with a purpose, so that the doors can be opened or enforced and people can see what is in the cellar, Although only partially.

In addition, the doors open more Often this has another function items, namely to create a system that better water circulation for the cellar. Due to the space at the bottom of the window is not possible. So with this door so that the water can enter from the top and Gives a natural freshness. Then the condition of the room to be fresh and not hot or stuffy.

So like it or not, part of the basement should be laid out well Also, even though only a storage warehouse alone, especially at the top of the which is located not far from the entrance. Because in this section will Appear Directly zoom.

Then to the stairs roommates Also Gives access to down can be displayed beautifully. Make a kind of ladder on the left and right can be ornament that can add value to both the beauty of the display space is above ground and underground.

An example is on the side of the stairs can be a shelf for storing bottles of wine or decorations and other trinkets. The stairs look like it will then make the display space at the top of the more interesting and can make people curious to look inside the basement.

So the impression of a basement of the which is usually in a state of messy, smelly and hot and stuffy Altogether could be eliminated.

If you want to create the impression of a more dramatic, on the inside of the basement can be a lighting system that light is directed to the upper chamber. So that when the door is opened it will exit light raises sensational flavor of its own.

Or it could be reversed lighting system. The trick to use spotlights are placed section upstairs room, then the light is directed towards the basement. Such rays will produce a display of the basement a little dark, but still Clearly visible. So that the beauty of the underground layout can be enjoyed from the top without the need to go down or enter.