Aug 28

Mint locksmiths Bromley guide to keeping small valuable items safe

As locksmiths we unfortunately have to visit a lots of properties where people have been broken into and all of their valuable belongings had been stolen, this is why we know how important it is to keep your small valuable items safe inside of your home so here at Mint locksmiths Bromley( we decided to put together a small guide on helping you keep your valuable belongings safe at all times.

Step one, marking your valuable items

A great way of protecting your valuable items if they have been stolen is to cover them in smart water, now the great thing about smart water is that nobody knows it is on the product until it is put under a special UV light. So that means that the criminal may take your item to a pawn shop or sell it on to somebody else but eventually if the item is found by you or the police they will automatically know that it belongs to you because of the smart water that is on the product.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you cover your very valuable items with smart water because criminals are being caught all the time with valuable belongings on them but unfortunately the police authorities don’t always know who these items belong to but if you cover your items with smart water then the police will know straight away that the item belongs to you and it will be returned to you straight away.

Mint locksmiths Bromley

Step two small safe

A great way to keep your valuable items safe inside of your home is to fit a small wall safe somewhere in your property the better hidden it is the more safer your items are, the great thing about a small safe is it is very easy to access your valuable items if you want to wear them or take them out with you but if someone was to gain access to your property it would be very difficult for them to find them and take them away from the property because they would need to be able to break into the safe which would take a lot more time than they really want to be in your property.

This is why if you have a small wall safe and you notify your insurance company they will dramatically reduce your insurance premium because they know if somebody does break into your property that they will not have to make such a large payout because you keep your valuable items securely locked away.

Step three electrical drop box

In recent years we have started to get more and more technology within our homes example iPhone, ipads and laptops just to name a few now the problem with these very clever electrical devices is that they are very portable by their nature which makes them very easy to steal when somebody breaks into your home this is why we recommend you getting a drop box for your living room.

Now a lot of people don’t know what a drop box is but it is very simple all a drop box is is a small secure box that you put your electrical items into it is made out of high-grade steel and is generally bolted to the wall or to the floor this prevents people from being able to steal your valuable electrical items but makes them easy for you to get access to because all you need to do is enter a code and the box opens and once you’ve finished using the electrical device you place it back into the drop box keep it safe and secure.

Step four keeping things out of sight

When it comes to burglaries and general crimes most of the time it is committed on the spur of the moment this means that in a lot of cases a criminal is just wandering around looking for the opportunity to commit a crime this is why it is very important to make sure you keep all of your valuable belongings out of sight.

As this prevents the opportunist thieves from seeing your property and attempting to steal it this may seem like a very basic step but you’ll be surprised at the difference it would make if people kept in mind that if you can see your valuable belongings through the window so can opportunist thieves.

We hope you found all of these tips useful in keeping your belongings safe and secure but unfortunately no matter how hard you try you will not be able to stop people from stealing other people’s belongings but you can make it as difficult as possible to prevent it happening to you.