Jun 29

Pictures Stairs minimalist and Artistic Design

Stairs1Home interior decoration into activities that could be considered easy, but very difficult if we do not also learn how to choose the equipment properly. Model minimalist small staircase has its own advantages, one example that is not to take up much space so that the inside of your home still feels spacious. Errors wear objects to the next floor up are often the case because of the reference design does not have the latest minimalist staircase.

An understanding of the example ladder minimalist home is important to you know, the type of material used to make the design of this minimalist staircase various kinds. Sellers services in the area of ​​homeland in recent years started to develop creativity by applying material stair design house armed with a minimal size of natural stone. Glance look so stunning when we look at the man-made results of this genius, which is circular in shape and polished pebbles combine together the typical European wood. Try to check out the picture below stairs modern houses.

In general, our society uses ceramic coated cement for the manufacture of stairs. However, it has needed a lot. For that, you should choose the stairs made of iron, which is positioned in a circle. By doing so, you will be able to save space at the same time can enhance the appearance of your home. In addition to functioning as a liaison for each floor, the stairs in a minimalist home can certainly add good pleasure and adventure to the interior of your home if designed and properly designed. In addition to the model proper stairway minimalist home, you also need to pay attention to the location where the position of the ladder is located. For a good ladder position is not located just in front of the entrance, or does not deal directly with the doors of your home.

Minimalist form of stairs to the house is divided into a zig zag type of ladder is most often found in home design minimalist. The material could range from wood or cement. As for the vertical shape of a circular staircase and very seldom used because it is consuming a lot of places. While this model of the stairs you can see in the picture above, the ladder-shaped minimalist home straight only suitable for use in the home which has a large area. This ladder has only straight shape with no elbows. Unlike the figures L shape stairs because the designs are made to turn one right or left.


However, if you use cement for the manufacture of stairs, the selection of the right ceramics are important. Choose a textured ceramic medium. That is not too rough and not too too smooth. If too fine, it is feared people will slip through. Use of this vertical ladder model we do not recommend to those of you who live with the elderly, because the shape of this ladder is straight up can certainly be exhausting for the elderly. Type minimalist indeed tends to prioritize the functional elements where each space there should be best utilized. But the minimalist house itself is still distinguished by several groups, minimalist house simple, classic, modern, and luxurious. So, for the election of the ladder should be adjusted to the concept of minimalist house itself. To further emphasize the concept of minimalist home, the need for an understanding of the type of household according to its function.

Model minimalist staircase provided on this occasion are made from aluminum, steel, glass, and other types. Difficulty determining a suitable choice for minimalist house two floors they could be considered reasonable because the sketches of each of the different residential designs that need to be proofread more carefully shape each room. As I have argued above that the main benchmark quality, broadly the more expensive the house, the staircase design guaranteed quality.


If you use the stairs made of iron, you can do the painting black color combined with gold colored paint. Meanwhile, if you choose to use cement and ceramics, you should choose a color that is bright but classic look. To erect the ladder quite the most simply because it only has one direction only with a model of vertical tilt. This type is mostly used to connect two floors with a distance that is not too high. The most widely used material for these stairs are usually wood or cement. The problem is often experienced by homeowners minimalist in designing or choosing the stairs is a very limited area of ​​the house. Certainly not the right choice if you have to spend nearly half the living room just to the stairs.

Artistic  Stairs :

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