Oct 29

Preparing Walls Before Painting

paintBefore we do the painting on the wall of us, there are some things that we have to prepare the walls before painting. This is so that the painting that we do can run well and have a perfect result as we would expect.

Preparing walls for painting is the key to a beautiful space created. We’ll give you some simple tips to keep your home can look perfect with a new look. Here’s the tips on how to prepare the wall before painting.

Preparing Walls Before Painting

Start by moving the furniture from the room as possible. Use a drop cloth to cover the remaining floors and furnishings. The use of plastics is ideal for furniture, canvas drop cloths can absorb paint, not slippery, it will not move, and can be used again.

Next up is the remove and remove pictures, mirrors, Windows, and the installation of electrical / lights. Enclose all objects that can not be moved and do not want in the paint.

Washing Wall

Dirt on the surface can lead to adhesion, use a mild detergent to wash dirty surfaces, roomates Often touched, or that may have an oily residue from cooking (for kitchen walls). Take care and do not leave the rest of the detergent.

Wash the doors and sills, in particular where they will be painted. After all the clean, wipe the surface with a wet cloth and try to dry before painting.

Remove the Pen, Crayon, and Water Stains

To prepare the walls before repainting, Also we should delete the first former stain ballpoint, crayon and water stains. Use liquid detergent to remove smudges left by pens, crayons, and water, and wipe the stain with a clean, damp cloth.

Dull glossy areas

To Ensure proper adhesion, the shiny surface with sandpaper sandpaper can smooth or special use powder. Be sure to eliminate the dust sanding marks. Vacuum clean and wipe the surfaces with a cloth.

Do Patching cracks or Hollow Wall

Check the floor, wall, or ceiling, note the former nails holes, cracks, or other surface that is not perfect. Use a putty knife to Eliminate large plaster cracks or loose particles on the walls and ceilings.

Press PuTTY with PuTTY or spackling knife to seal the cracks until this PuTTY smooth flat to the surface. In order to patch the cracks that are open on a door or window, press PuTTY into cracks smooth with your fingers. Allow it to dry, then a little sandpaper until blended.

Since PuTTY or spackling will shrink when it dries out, Often times we need to implement patch to return a second time after the first coat has dried.

Remove loose Paint Marks

Use a knife to remove loose paint or scale PuTTY. When you remove the paint from the walls or ceiling, the sandpaper paint that is removed to the make sure the surface is smooth. Sanding work so that the two ends of the level of the paint will not be visible when the coated back. While removing the rest of the old paint off the wall, or door sills, wear fine sandpaper to the entire surface. And remove the dust before painting sandpaper used to start.

After preparing walls before repainting done well, then started doing the painting on the wall of your home.