Oct 12

Preparing Your Home for the Winter Months

As winter approaches, you will want to make sure your home is ready. A quick inspection of the house, yard, and lawn will tell you what needs done. By taking a little bit of time in the fall to prepare for what’s coming, you will have a head start on your spring maintenance.

roofing maintenance

image by : acehomeimprovementsllc.com

The first thing you want to do is check the actual structure of the house. All windows should be sealed, and any damaged trim should be replaced. Take out the screens, clean them, and store them in a safe place until spring arrives. This will extend their life. You will also need to make sure all gutters and drain spouts are in place and functioning properly. Remove leaves and debris that will keep the water from escaping your roof. The roof itself should be sound without any loose, curling, or missing shingles. If you are in need of replacement roofing Dunkirk MD has several reliable professionals to choose from such as the roofers found at Ace Home Improvements LCC.

The next step is to examine the yard. Remove fallen leaves regularly. When leaves are left piled on the lawn, they can kill the grass. This results in a muddy yard that will need re-seeding. Those leaves can actually be put to good use in the gardens and landscaping. They can be piled up around fragile plants in order to act as insulation against the brutally cold temperatures found in this part of the country. Remove any dead perennials from the flower beds. That way you will have your beds ready for new plantings when the weather warms up.

Bring in any lawn ornaments, pots, or furniture that won’t survive the cold and frost. This includes decorations such as wreaths, wind chimes, and wall hangings that you may have on your deck or porch. Any items that cannot be brought indoors should be covered. Protective tarps are easily found in your local home improvement stores. Place these over tables, chairs, and grills that will remain outdoors.

These simple steps in the fall will prevent extra work in the spring. These tips will also extend the life of your outdoor furniture and decorations as well as the windows and roof of the house itself. When spring arrives, you can enjoy the benefits of some time well spent.