Sep 16

Retro Chic, Stylish Ancient Interior Warm and Beautiful

Retro Chic5 decorWhat do you feel when visiting grandma’s house? You definitely visit have been waiting long ago, and when it was returned to the house itself, it feels nostalgic visit again. A natural thing to do, because the atmosphere in the grandmother’s house is so warm and comforting, is not it? Yes. The interior designers also have the same sense of longing to the atmosphere of grandma’s house, or a home atmosphere that is warm, so they have a new style in the interior world of today, namely Retro Chic.

Retro Chic1 decor

Vintage style typical of the 1970s to the above, combined with contemporary furniture, such as pendant lamp and a chair, a table, or a sofa-style Scandinavian. A blend that is the forerunner to the emergence of Retro Chic style that aims to balance the colors of blocks from the 1970s with the natural colors of contemporary style. The trick is to give a touch of pastel colors, such as lilac, pale yellow or pale orange.

Retro Chic2 decor

It is not difficult to present Retro Chic style in your home. Take advantage of the antiques of relics parents or grandparents that are not used anymore. If these items are still in good condition, you just do furnishing alone, or can also be repainted with white, beige or pastel colors.

Retro Chic3 decor

When the Shabby Chic style too mainstream for you, try switching to the interior style Retro Chic. Moreover, style Retro Chic is a favorite choice of the people of Canada, the United States as their home interior style, and is booming in the UK.