Oct 11

Safe Bathroom For The Elderly People


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You who are at home with elderly parents would have to think about the condition of adequate home space for them. The reason, their physical abilities have been much reduced, so is the coordination of his brain. Do not be surprised if they are easy to get lost or fall.

One of the rooms that most need your attention is the bathroom. Often we hear parents who fall in the bathroom suffering from severe pain, such as a stroke to hard to recover.

In order not to happen to your parents, please check the condition of the bathroom.

There’s a Grip

Give the handle in some places, such as the location near the shower as well as the toilet. Point in order that they can still stand balanced while in the bathroom floor slippery.

View Floor Condition

The bathroom should use a patterned floor and the surface texture to coarse so it is not slippery when poured in water. If you do not want to change the floor, add a rubber mat in the shower and toilet. Clean the rubber tools every week, as it makes the floor more damp and smelly.

Use Toilet Seat

Use the toilet seat and wipe the toilet seat and floor under the toilet after each use, to prevent damp and become slippery.

No Floor Level

Should not need to make a difference in floor height, for example, the floor in the shower is lower than the floor in the sink and toilet. Allow the height of the floor surface.

Elderly vision has diminished, so will not be aware of any difference in this height. This is of course at risk of making it slip.

Use the Right Floor Cleaner

Use a bathroom cleaner that is reserved for the bathroom. This fluid will make the floor becomes more rigid and comfortable, otherwise, other cleaning fluid will make the floor more slippery.

Use Shower

Compared to bath with bathtub, it would be safer if the bathroom uses shower alone without a bathtub underneath. The surface of the bathtub tends to be slippery, making it easier for parents to slip while inside.

Not Natural Stone

Forget about your desire to change the bathroom into an open bathroom complete with natural stone. If there is one stone that accidentally fell to the floor, a risk of making your parents stumble and fall. The stone also makes the bathroom floor becomes slippery.

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