Feb 03

The Best Natural Stone Option For Decorating Home Garden

The House with a touch of the beauty of the garden is certainly very easy for us to meet. Besides useful to add to the beauty of the house, the garden also presents a natural and refreshing in a dwelling. Indeed the beauty of a garden is not only determined by the choice of plants only. However, material hard selection or hardscape such as natural stone also affect the beauty of a garden. The combination of plants with natural stone will make the park look more beautiful and natural.

The application of natural stone as a filler Park House is the right choice to accentuate the natural impression. Not only that, the natural stone could also be an alternative material to ward off attacks moss and easy to maintain. If you want to use natural stone to fill the park, you can easily look the market. Here we give some examples the best option natural stone to decorate your garden.

1.  The Temple Stone

temple stone

Stone temple or called lava stone is a stone derived from volcanic lava that hardened. This stone has a very strong texture, stone is ideal when used as a filler home park. Stone temple will give the impression own coolness inside the park home. But the stone temple has a shortage that is easy mossy, how to cope with a stone coat with coating before being installed.

2.  The Andesite Stone

andesit stoneThis stone is the most favorite stone is widely used as an ornamental garden house. The advantage of using this stone is because of its resistance to weathering and resistant to mildew. Andesite stone is perfect when used as a filler pools and moss. Many options are available commercially supplied motif from the motif for example, as a plain, black spots, stripes and pieces of pieces available for stacking arrangement.

3. The Koral Stone

koral stoneCharacteristics of black coral that makes this stone has its own aesthetic when the pair it with green grass. Besides coral is also a stone that has a high absorption, so that it can be used as absorption media. Many types of coral found in the market.

4. The Purwakarta Stone

purwakarta stoneCharacteristics Purwakarta stone is the same as andesite which has a high resistance to weather. But what distinguishes Purwakarta andesite stone is its color, this stone has beautiful colors glow even up to three colors. The advantage of using this stone can be easily integrated with a variety of plants of any kind. You can find the Purwakarta stone in Indonesia.