Jul 12

The comfortable living room design

living roomHave a cozy living room design is sure to become the dream of anyone, no matter however owned the House. But to earn a comfortable living area and will also have to adapt to a variety of factors, one of which is a matter of the design of the House itself. So, the design can look more in tune.

To create the design of the living room, convenience is not the only major benchmark. The comfort of homeowners has to be taken into account. Therefore, to taste, of course, should be tailored to the desires of homeowners because if customize guest desire certainly will be difficult. The living room does not need a large, but preferred comfort.

He’s a couple of tips in creating a comfortable living space design.

– The size or Area

For spacious living room can be customized with a spacious home. If it is not possible to have a spacious living room, then the narrow spaces still can be used in the living room.

– Position

We recommend that you take the most space in the living room. In addition to more convenient for guests arriving, it also gives comfort to homeowners to be able to keep their privacy.

– Color

For color selection can be customized with the mood of the House as a whole. But to evoke the impression of comfort, we recommend that you avoid dark colors. Instead, choose a bright color shade such as white, green, pink, blue, and more.

– Furniture

Choosing furniture for the living room should be done wisely and carefully. Choose furniture that doesn’t spend the room, especially if the existing living room already quite narrow. To create the impression of a larger room, select the table that is made of glass so that it is transparent.

– Unique Furniture

Instead of choosing furniture that impressed big and spend, it would be better if you choose furniture that has a unique design. So the guests will further focus on its uniqueness rather than with the narrowness of the room.

To complement the beautiful design and comfortable in the living room, it’s worth considering some of the things below:

  • Post a painting as a focal point can add to the beauty parlor.
  • Avoid restrictions or limiting either in the form of a wall or cupboard that is too large in order to make the room look more spacious and comfortable.
  • Large Windows can give a better lighting layout and create the illusion of the room more spacious.