Oct 11

Tips Home Tidy Although There Are Toddlers


The House was always neat and clean is always yearning to every homeowner, especially housewives. But how would it be if the condition of the House unruly because there is the little one who entered the times favors exploration? Moreover, if we have a toddler who is super active. Stuffbypierce.com has tips on how to keep a tidy House although there are toddlers, not restricting the behavior of toddlers because if the limiting behavior of toddlers, this would make creativity a toddler will not develop.

“Like doodles. To prevent this occurrence, first that the mother has to do is give a sense to the child that the wall is not a good place to draw. So please provide books or picture cards for him to channel his expression.

Another way to do is to put a large chalkboard on one side of the wall. Let the child be creative on the Board and he can channel his hobby on the wall.

Besides, it’s good the mother also routinely invites children to play outdoors or cluster environment. “Whether it’s only main bike or play with peers. So the manpower and energies are distracted by other activities.

Because who would have thought, one of the causes of children’s hobbies to let the toy fall apart in the House is due to lack of the duration of the child explores the environment outside the home.

The parents also demanded more active in giving a special space so that children want to explore page. For example by creating an artificial swimming, encouraged him to use the small tent camp, or simply playing the ball in front of the House.

“Save and Hide!” Another trick that needs to be done so that the House always neat is to educate children about the “spruce up own toys after use”.


“If you have unused space you can make the room as a playroom and gathered the children and their playmates, Toy storage is also provided. And so that children are interested in tidying up, try to find storage that has a unique and funny design. For example, a basket shape city bus or an animal. Unique toy basket such as the following examples can trigger the attention of the child.

In addition to special toys, baskets provide also some other basket to store a number of common objects in the House. So when hit by the business and no time to tidy the House, simply throwing objects that make a mess (except waste) into it.

Place storage in the corner of the room so as not to be conspicuous. If necessary choose a storage with an attractive design. And when there is free time to tidy up the pile of goods, immediately tidy in the proper place.