Aug 09

Tips To Decorate The Stairs To Make The House More Beautiful

stairsStairs is one component that is often overlooked in home decorating business. In fact, if decorated, connecting the lower and upper floors can be a sweetener overall look of the house.

The stairs are usually built in the living room or family area, so the arrangement was to be able to attract the eyes of the guests. Here are tips for household decoration, as quoted by the Times of India.

1. Place is Ideal for Inserting Pictures and Wall Decoration

Too many put up pictures and wall hangings in the living room or family can make the room look more cramped and claustrophobic.

Wall near the stairs, you can make an alternative place for displaying photographs and frills. With regular placement, this area could look like the photo gallery in your home, which of course could add artistic value.

2. Rate Lighting

Installing the lights dim glow will make the stairs look more beautiful. You can put it on the wall at the edge of each step.

For an impression of elegance and luxury, can put chandeliers in the ceiling right above the stairs. While the lights ‘paste’ on the wall, can create a more chic and casual style.

3. Place Ornament

Stairs usually have more space at the corner of the stairs. In this area, you can put the jars, flower vases or potted plants living large.

If you want more interesting, pairs of wool or tweed carpet on the stairs. In order not to be too much, choose the color of the carpet is a natural and elegant as brown, gray, beige or maroon.