Oct 25

Tips To Remodeling Your Private Space

dressing table

What is your plan this weekend? Private space that is often used every day. Try interior interfaces on the most commonly used space, such as sink area and mirrored area.

To improve your quality of life, enjoy your self-care as efficiently as possible with a place warranty for all the things you need. Check out the 5 tips:

1. Dressing table

The first fixture is a dressing table that functions as a focal point. If you use the room together with a partner, as in the main place, you could have two different treatment sites.

The dedicated care rooms will each offer each other and more you want.

We recommend that your dressing table is at least 60 inches or about 152.4 cm to connect two washbasins. Alternatively, you can also have two different dressers to create a space that meets each of your needs.

Also, place a chest of drawers or a stellar drawer (two drawn bridges) that connect two custom-made booths to provide extra space and extra space.

2.Option of installation

If you’re planning on buying a bathroom, consider choosing a legged dresser. This type of dresser has an elegant design that can make the room look more spacious.

Alternatively, you can choose a walled dressing table for a clean and modern impression. You will be able to formalize it in the area below it.

In fact, if you just want to choose a dressing table and stay on the current level, a footless dresser can be the best option.

medicine cabinet

3. Storage is the key

Arrange your dressing table with all the bottles, packaging and boxes that are less functional to make it look more presentable. However, make sure everything is on the table. With so the morning routine.

It is important to then perform the efficiency of the dressing table following the following points: Perform storage in the dresser drawer. These drawers will be particularly useful for makeup and shaving equipment.

4. Drug Cabinet

Do you know why the medicine cabinet becomes one of the important points that should be in the bathroom? Of course, you will be greatly facilitated to help the health that will be used every day, such as medicines, antiseptic drugs, eye drops, to other personal care equipment. This equipment is in long distance. Drug cabinets are now increasingly innovating.

5. Lighting

Good lighting is essential to make the place more perfect. So so, lighting is one of the aspects. To avoid uneven incorporation and disturbing shadows, call for a light source installed in different corners.

Apply a combination of atmosphere with the work of lighting to achieve a balanced light intensity. Choose a light bulb that emits soft light from the center of the color spectrum, so you can correctly assess the color of light and skin tone.