Aug 01

Trick Apply Red Color On Home Decor

red colorsA lot of people think twice when you want to dress their homes with red color. Understandable, since red is one color group warm enough to attract attention.

Experts in the field describe the color red as a palette that is capable of triggering stimuli in various forms. Red captures the focus, and if applied to the walls will be an element that confirms the room. Wearing a red color to the arrangement of the room is actually legitimate. However you must choose the right color variants, because red is divided into many variations.

For example, red-orange to make an impression the room more lively and energetic. While red-purple or maroon, shades bring more calm and comfortable like the library in the 18th century. Whatever the range of color, red is a bold color. So you have to really pay attention to the selection and application. Here are tips to use red color for home decor, as quoted from Real Simple.

1. The Red Color For Kitchen

Red adds a dramatic impression on many things, even for a room with a fair amount of activity such as the kitchen. Red can also stimulate the appetite, so the use of this color in the kitchen is a safe step. Enter the red element for kitchen set or put the bar where the stove.

2. Accessories

Red is a color that is very intense. If you want to ‘turn on’ a room dominated by a pale palette, place the red accessories. For example, flower vases, glass frame or table decoration.

3. Red For Accents

If you have not dared to wear red for the walls, just use as an accent ‘warmers’ room. Choose shades of red curtains or furniture, and mix with brown walls are more grounded.

4. Create More Living Rooms

The room will look dull if dominated by pale colors like white and gray. Give ‘splash’ of color to your home by choosing furniture such as a chair or sofa is red.

5.Rustic Nuance

You do not have to stare at the red color of blood. Some range of colors such as red brick will make the room more warm and rustic shades. Apply to the wall or furniture.

6. Rouge and Motif

If you want a more cheerful atmosphere of the room, select elements with a red motif. For example, red tartan pattern for a dining table, or a red polka-dot shower curtain. Remember to use one color and one motive only so as not to look too crowded.

7. Stairs

The color red can also be applied to the stairs. Your home will be more in character with strokes of red paint on the stairs and banisters. The effect will be stronger if the room is dominated by white or beige.