Jan 15

Unique Home Design Falling Star

This unique home design is the work of artist Do Ho Suh. Original Korea men had previously been known for his eccentric design. The shape of this unique House is indeed like a home, most people in Rhode Island, Texas, United States. But the difference is its seven floors, precisely at the end of the porch of the building of the University of California, San Diego. House with an exterior colour blue sky that has a ttracted a lot of attention and make the surrounding scenery looks weird.Falling Star1

The House is a replica of a traditional House of Rhode Island is named after the Falling Star. He said, the House is a reflection of the State of his soul when he first moved into the land of Uncle Sam in 1991 and then, to attend school in Rhode Island School of Design.Falling Star2

Offered from designboom, the inspiration to make the House of Falling Star came when he had to undertake a massive new environmental adaptation. And sometimes people make it like swaying, exactly the kind of House that impressed almost falling off the edge of the building.Falling Star3Falling Star4

From the outside, the House is occasionally looked smoke emanating from the chimney. Floral gardens in any page is flourishing. If night comes, the lights will turn on. If tracing the Interior, you’ll also find a complete television with remote control, some sofas, and chairs.Falling Star5Falling Star6

In normal use, the artwork takes Suh for seven years. As for the funding issue is supported by private donors in The Stuart Collection and at least $ 90000 US from The National Endowment for the Arts.