Sep 15

Want to Relax? Greening Your Bedroom

green bedroomGreen is the color of cold and reassuring. Certainly very suitable if presented in the bedroom. Because, this is the area to rest your mind after a long day of work. You will feel like being in the middle of a stretch of grassland or forest grove. Feels Refreshing!

You can present this green color on the walls, furniture, also the lighting in the room. Not just a plain green, but also provide other accents, such as flowers, plants, leaves through the wallpaper.

You can also put a vase or potted plants in the bedroom. Of course, you must be smart to choose plants that are suitable for indoor.

To maximize green decor in the bedroom, add wood furniture. For the floor, you can choose the option: floor coverings of natural or artificial floor. Natural floor coverings can with solid wood. While a floor covering made from a ceramic material, vinyl, or synthetic parquet.