May 26

Kitchen Design, For Modern Minimalist Home

minimalist kitchenWhat comes to your mind when imagining a home interior decorating? One cannot escape from Your residential interior kitchen decoration of course. The kitchen is a cooking activity you normally do at home. Kitchen design, used to be rarely ordered and just be a part that is usually placed on the back of the House. In this case, the function of kitchen design is really as areas of food processing and preparation course. But as time went on, the function of the kitchen shifts. Often design kitchen with integrated dining area and became the favorite place to gather with family. Activities such as chat, relax, enjoy refreshments, meals, even work can be done here. Now, it is not strange if there is a homeowner receives guests in the kitchen while cooking and chatting before them.

Kitchen design can look so beautiful, not inferior to other spaces in the House. Thanks to technological advances, kitchen equipment is increasingly sophisticated, easy to operate with an attractive appearance. The equipment would eventually become one of the important elements of a space-forming, because Its Presence can affect the final look of the kitchen design. In addition to the beautifully designed, of course, must remain functional kitchen design and optimum functionality. After knowing the characteristics of kitchen design minimalist style, now is the time to see the development of minimalist kitchen design 2013.

In this area the home activity taking place such as preparing food for the family. Because the kitchen was the busiest place, then there is no harm if you create with an attractive design that would have been too comfortable. The kitchen can appear attractive and comforts that will make you feel welcome while activity in it. To make your kitchen seem fun, one way you can do is to apply minimalist-style interior design. Can You put a minimalist style in the kitchen by choosing furniture or kitchen furniture design simple without a lot of intricate ornamentation. Minimalist interior design in Your kitchen can also be created through the combination of colors.

Then how to choose paint color for a kitchen minimalist house? Here are some guidelines in choosing colors for kitchen minimalist House:

  1. Take note and consider alignment thematic spaces. Looking for ideas, you can also customize the style of the estate as a whole.
  2. Use colors to suit your taste. But the use of bright colors and neutral on the wall space. You could give two colors to remove dull and stiff impression in the kitchen. This option applies especially if your kitchen is adjacent to the dining room.
  3. Choosing colors of green, Orange, or red can give the impression of fresh and clean. Even the color red is believed can cause appetite. If your kitchen is adjacent to the dining room, the color red can You apply, of course.
  4. Missing from its minimalist impression, the kitchen can also be equipped with furniture, accessories or ornament and the right lighting. Because the proper lighting will provide good air circulation in your kitchen.