Jun 27

Going Green Continues to Get Easier

Although people have been conscious about trying to live greener lifestyles in their homes and businesses for more than a decade, it has only been in the last few years that mainstream products that make sense have become available in several different areas that can replace the products that you are using without you noticing the difference.freshair3

Here are some of the most effective green products on the market today:

Green batteries: In truth, batteries are not as green as they could be, but Tesla’s announcement that it is converting its car batteries for use as a bank that can power the home is a large step in the right direction. Prior to this, those who wanted DC powered appliances from their solar panels had to skirt government regulations by using deep-cycle batteries from the marine industry. With a complete battery bank designed to continually recharge and then power the average-sized home, the dream of going completely off grid has never been closer for many.

Compostable Cutlery: Whether you are a restaurant patron or a family that is buying disposable spoons, forks, and knives, it has long been an inconvenient truth that the cutlery that we throw away, will exist much longer than we will in some landfill. Since Greenhome started carrying biodegradable tableware, cups, and plates at reasonable prices, customers were finally able to start asking why they were using non-biodegradable products in the first place and make the switch.

Coffee Ground Logs: Although burning anything is not always the best solution for the air, you cannot escape the fact that almost every home in the United States contains a fireplace or a fire pit or a barbecue. For those that choose to use those amenities, having a green option like logs made from used coffee grounds is a very nice option. The logs themselves burn like regular logs and are made using a combination of used coffee grounds and wax.

green life style

The interesting thing about green products is that when they compete with existing products that harm the environment and are readily available, they normally start to crowd the existing product’s market share because people really do prefer them. Continuing to watch the market for new products and visit websites like Greenhome to see what the latest options are will help your family make more intelligent buying choices as they become available